Divine Storm - Feedback

Well with the change to Divine Storm in that it no longer relies on Holy Power and has a base 80% weapon damage, DS has been made both better and worse.

The good parts is you can get a good AOE attack off regardless of how much HP you have and not use too much mana to do so.

But the bad parts are that it will not scale as you level up except as you get a better weapon, it shares a cool down with crusader strike, and you only have a 40% chance of generating HP when you use it if you talent for it.

If it would generate 1 HP every time you used it, it would be okay but from testing I get the feeling that the HP generation is a lot lower than 40%. I was getting 1 HP about 1 in 4 attacks with it.

Personally I would like to see the cooldown changed so that it doesn't share it with CS.
I cannot predict exactly what will happen in Cata, but 80% weapon damage on DS seems reasonable. It may not scale with level but its not really supposed to, its supposed to scale with weapons.

I do agree the HP generation seems a little bit lower than 40%, but at least it produces it now.

DS is mostly to give ret pallies an aoe for those few pulls that have say, 10 or more mobs, so we don't feel left out. We're not supposed to be the king of aoe.

The fact that the CD is reduced by haste is good enough for me, DS seems great.

DS got nerfed so bad they even made it sound weak...
Divine storm crits critters for like 4k.

I used to hit with Divine Storm for about 4000-4500 damage.

I noticed lst night in the Pit Of Saron 5 man instance my Divine Storm is now hitting for about 1600-1700 damage.

That is a considerable drop in damage. Couple that with the loss of the meta gem that does 21 crit and 3% increased crit damage due to it now requiring more blue than red gems my DPS is way down.

If anyone can tell me how to get my dps back up short of trying to burn through Cata to get lvl 85 gear ASAP I am willing to listen.

I doubt I'll have it as an 85 talent. Wasting a valuable point for a skill that is only usable on absolute trash (5 or more targets in melee range before it outperforms CS) is a dubious investment, especially given half as many talent points as we used to have. Let the mage deal with the AoE.

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