Official Prot 4.0 PvE Guide...

Where can I find one? Oh, you thought THIS thread was the guide? What a misleading title! Anyhow, this will be my 5th toon on WoW (Priest, Druid, 2 Shamans)-- I want to have every single healer at 85.

So far I'm madly in love with this Pally, and I decided I was going to level him Prot through instances all the way to 85, since I'm a little burned out on healing at the moment. I'm having a BLAST so far, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting into any bad habits early on.

With that said, where can I find a comprehensive tanking guide? Thanks!
Here is one for up to level 80 don't know if the info is still useful though.

It's 90% correct still and in a week I will update it again for level 85.

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