Infusion of Light

Okay, so I didn't see anything about this in the most recent patch notes, but prior to 4.0.3a, Infusion of Light reduced the cast time of Holy Light so that it was a less than 0.5 second cast. Now, when I am completely naked (no gear whatsoever) my cast time goes from 2.43 normally to 0.971, and when I am fully geared, it goes from 2.02 to 0.807.

Now, I can see that it's slowing out once it's below 1 second, but was this the intent, or is this a bug? It's still a very good talent, but it seems considerably slower than what it was before the patch.

EDIT: To be clear, the Infusion of Light talent reduces the cast time of Holy Light (and now Divine Light) by 1.5 seconds, or so it says. In both cases mentioned, the reduction isn't quite 1.5 seconds.
Sorry about that. Figured people would know what the talent says.
Edit: Just to add to this. You also have to consider that we lost the "Speed of Light" proc which gave you 30% additional haste on Holy Light's cast time. That proc doesn't exist and instead you get a steady 3% haste. THIS is most likely what you are seeing =)
THAT sounds more like it. Forgot about that effect. The real thing isn't so much how haste works, but rather how the cast time changed. Unfortunately, I don't have the numbers on what my cast time was before, so I can't reference it >.<

Still, thanks a bunch for that. Covered what I was trying to figure out.

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