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Our Website: www.paradigm-wow.com/forums
Officers: Areos, Jnc, Faitz, Felious

Paradigm is a 10 man progression guild founded by members of Nurfed - Archimonde, Renaissance - Proudmore, and Eminence - Sargeras in early WotLK. Our member's accomplishments include competing for server firsts on our respective launch servers during Vanila, dominating the raiding and arena scene in the Burning Crusade, and earning the server third Firefighter achievement here on Sargeras. We have our eyes set on competing with top players for server firsts, while promoting a friendly/helpful environment.

Paradigm's officers are experienced and wish that everyone within the guild understands their class, which includes multiple specs. If a raider is asked to respec their class because it makes the fight easier, they are expected to do so. We are very laid back, but cannot hold hands and take part in the "It's Okay to Cry Corral" if we plan on being competitive.

Recruitment: Open - All Classes

We are currently expanding are ranks to fill up the 10 man core with the best possible class combinations. The ideal candidate is someone who strives to outperform expectations at all times. This means theory-crafting, experimenting with specs, coming well prepared with consumables, and never standing in fire unless instructed to. If you are interested, please apply:


Raid Times: Monday - Thursday, 7PM - 11PM Server (CST)

These times are still up in the air, we will be confirming them after Cataclysm starts.

No Salmar?

He's casual at the moment.
High need for tanks at the moment. Please apply if interested.
Areos will sell his body for a tank..
What about my deeps!?!?!
What about his deeeps?
bump^^ need OT
WTB a lock
^^ hai
Do you still need a tank?
appy on forums
Let me direct your attention to the forums.

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