[i]PvP VIDEO [u]CHALLENGE[/u]!![/i] DunDunDUN

Anyone who's been a paladin for more then a short time, has probably seen at least one awesome Paladin video. If you're an oldbie, you may have 'grown up' watching Jamaz's Fist of the Heavens, Slayton, or even as far back as McHammar's 'Shamans are Hard' or 'Beating up Warriors' video -- Reckoning tests, and whatever. Some people remember Akope, some people remember Highlander ... but I'm sure most people remember some truely amazing paladin footage at some point that changed the way they play this game.

As The Cataclysm rolls around the bend.. I've noticed there's a LOT of Humduggery.. yeah, there may be a lot of reasons to QQ sometimes; but that doesn't mean amazing victories don't happen.. nor that it's not important to aknowledge them when they do! ... So! In the spirit of skills advancement and furthering communal knowledge of our class, I propose A VIDEO SKILLZ CHALLENGE!

Holy Paladins!

Protection Paladins!

Retribution Paladins!

I call on you to show us your vids! If you've got mad skills that the rest of the world needs to see -- well, I for one would like to see it! Battlegrounds, World PvP, Wintergrasp -- whatever! If you've got tricks up your sleeve; let's see it!

Captions, Graphical Editing, Instructional How-To, Class Duels, Pre-made vs. Pre-made where you made an obscene difference-- If you can do it, and make it entertaining, funny, or just plain ironic... well, in the words of Captain Falcon:


    Bad Classical or Oldies Music? Check!

    Funny Captions? Check!

    Annoying Sound Effects? Check!

    5 days to blow before Cataclysm comes out? Check!


... I'm so doing a video where I dub in Captain Falcon's.. 'FALC-OWN--- PAAUWNCH!' if I run past a no0b with no resiliance. lol! I wish I had filmed this Night-Elf druid I was two-shotting in BGs the other day. It would have been very, very funny in a video to play that sound-clip every time I ran past her; durring a skills test of the rest of the BG.. haha.
One time I did a video of one of my baron runs where it took less than three minutes from start to finish.

That was back when you could bug out the doors with crates though. Too bad they fixed it!
I love this idea and I am more then happy to do this! How can I make a wow video though? I can use fraps to record which will SMASH the file size (if there is anythign better to record with good quailty but less file size let me know!) The thing that does get me though, is how do I then edit it? I used to make videos on the older windows and use windows movie editor but now on my new computer with Windows 7 it isnt there to edit?

One of my favourite PVP palladin videos are made by;
Oh my gawd! It's a Holy Cow! (Or Ret ... or Prot -- but it's a Moo-Cow with Plate, Bubble and Healz!)

And I use FRAPS myself, although after I'm done filming in FRAPS, I typically use formatting in Windows Movie Maker or another program to reduce the file-size and add graphical effects.. like the 'lightning' flashes I did in my video 'Deep Thunder' -- which was mostly just me being goofy and two-shotting mages on Day 1 of S3: vimeo.com/13394895

But you can do all kinds of screwy things with it. Implant still-shots; zoom in on different portions of the screen, etc. And it's free with windows or to download. Music, sound-effects ... and it's all just drag and drop.

And when I pummel anything? I'm totally doing the: Cap's "... YUS!" sound.

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