Coming soon: Game guide section. when & what

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The new and improved class guide will let you learn more about each of World of Warcraft’s classes with a description of their abilities, playstyles, and history in the world of Azeroth.

When will it be coming?
Will it contain complete skills and abilities information, and playstyles description for each tree that is true to pve and pvp in the eyes of the developers themselves?
Anyone Know?
I would try to give you an answer if I had any idea what you were talking about.

In the game section of the web site it says"coming soon:" and it has a class section that says it will give a description of abilities and play styles. I wanted to know a: when it is coming out, and b: how descriptive ie just pve description of playstyle or pvp as well; also, will they have detailed description of all spells and abilities or just a select few?
This is something that Blizzard will be making (Blizzard=the people who make the game). The only people you'll find in this forum are people who PLAY the game. ;) So we don't know anything about when it would come out or what will be in it.

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