[H] Guilds with NZ raiding times?

Are there any Kiwi guilds out there on Barthilas that raid casually around 5pm - 8pm server time?

There isn't a master guild list with this info I've missed?

I love my current guild, but do find raid times are very hard to meet with Australian and UK core raiders being so far out of my own time zone :(
ive been looking 4 the same thing i think we chose the wrong server
There was a consolidated guild thread, but it got repeatedly reported because of guild drama about realm firsts.
You generally won't find casual raiding guilds posting on the forums, try spamming /2.
el bampo!
Hmm probably not quite what anyone is looking for but my guild is NZ based guild raids 6-10pmst thurs/mon/sat semi-hardcore group which is currently 15/16 norm if ur interested pst me ingame or lazybear#1820. Other than that their are not many guilds that raid much earlier with 5pmst being the very earliest as its very difficult to find players that can make the times so nearly impossible to start new guilds
In saying this there are 3-4 out their good luck :)

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