Warlocks need nerfs

So much delicious trollbait. What a gruesome feast this Paladin is having. It's almost sickening to watch, but for some reason, I cannot look away. Much like a train wreck.
Really....did the vast majority of morons here NOT get the OP's post, are you serious?

Having to spell out the obvious pains me, but the OP's post is purely in jest and for comical not literal purposes.

He's not even trolling, it's just a joke..
I know it has been said... but are people REALLY that dumb?
It is obviously not real QQ. It is obviously not a troll attempt.

Joke post is joke. I thought it was funny.
It has come to my attention over the past few days that Locks are seriously overpowered in the current state of the game. Why? Two words: Soul Shards. This easily gotten resource allows them to resurrect themselves at will and to cast highly damaging spells. Not only this, but it's free. Mages have to pay for their items. Other things that make Locks OP:

- Their imp has a Stamina buff
- Eye of Kil'rogg can be used to find the FC in WSG, which is stupidly OP
- If someone isn't paying attention, they can be summoned on the edge of a cliff and then walk right off
- They can give free potions away
- Fear is obviously OP, 1-10 seconds of CC is nuts, no one else has that
- Somewhere, somehow, I'm sure a Lock killed a Frost Mage
- If you have Lock T3 you can blend in with those mobs in Dragonblight and ambush people

Based on this list, it's clear that Locks are in serious need of a nerf.

These forums are now complete. Thank you for this obvious trolling the trolls post :)
People do not get the joke.
I laugh.
It's kind of funny that so many people don't pick up on the blatant sarcasm from the OP. Do they just not read, or?....
No, there's just so many people on these forums that don't read patch notes that its hard to tell when someone is joking or really QQ. In any case, it was a pretty lame joke. Not worth the time it took to post it.
what a total fail. did you not read the patch notes? we DID get nerfed, by about 12% across the board. stop crying and play a real class.

That was your first post...

No, there's just so many people on these forums that don't read patch notes that its hard to tell when someone is joking or really QQ. In any case, it was a pretty lame joke. Not worth the time it took to post it.

And your second.

You're just upset because you fell for it, lmao.

Edit: If you actually read the OP then you'd easily have figured out that it's a joke. You just read the title and saw the OP's class and thought "RAWR I'M ANGRY MUST POST DEFENSIVELY WITHOUT READING!"
Lmao... this is ridiculous to read, are people really this retarded?(not the OP, the posts replying to it)
I was going to make a thread about the subject of the warlock changes. However, my view is very different for several reasons. I know OP be trollin'...but I have to say I'm glad that they FINALLY did what all of us had wanted them to. Oh and for those of you who seriously do think we need "balanced"....consider what's listed below.

-Soul shards were an annoying and cheezy resource system. It's a game. I don't care if I have a bunch of people's souls. I got tired of having to go to vendors and the AH way more then other classes because I have to have the 1443263246 slot bag to put all my shards in. Putting me at a disadvantage in terms of money. So in a sense we were paying for our shards and we lost bag space.

- Demonology had been a joke for way too long. The whole talent tree's principle is to develop a more intuitive and cooperative relationship with whatever you summon to aid you. Instead, it got turned into "hey if you choose this you get a pet that can stun stuff and some stats and..oh wait thats it lololol" Now that Blizz did what it should have kept in effect at 70, I'm happy.

-Affliction didn't incorporate more use of the debuffs we are given. Although I personally haven't played with that spec since latest patch when all this was put into effect, I could see they added alot of what players had proposed in the past.

However, I think they should bring back the old nether prot. for Destro locks......its almost a joke fighting them now because I don't have to change spell types or time anything. If anything at least make their nether ward a 15 second cooldown, or perhaps better yet make it a 45 to 1 min cooldown but make it absorb spell AND phys damage with the other effects still as well.

That's just a few things I cared to mention. However, I'm impressed with the fact they actually fixed our class. Destro just needs a way to live a little longer or give them more dmg.
It's probably a little too soon after the nerf for a lot of people to be able to laugh about themselves...

Now with that being said, where can I get some T3 :p
I love coming here, these people make me feel so smart ^____________^

nice one op
I love coming here, these people make me feel so smart ^____________^

nice one op


and thanks for the laughs
I was writing a post about how you are wrong and ignant and stuff but then I realized by the 1-10 seconds which nobody has that you were joking :P

I love this thread because there are so many idiots in it.

10/10, OP, you hooked 'em good.
Sad...I didn't expect this many responses.
Sad...I didn't expect this many responses.

We as a class love going into "Nerf Warlock" threads, troll or otherwise, and laughing our asses off. If not at the thread itself, then at the idiots who get baited.
its like the forum move reset everyone's forum xp.
This thread is so full of stupid Im a little embarrassed to be a warlock right now.


This... Exactly this... *Hides in shame*

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