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I've decided with the shattering to level a new character, and it shall be a rogue! I've been looking for articles/posts on rogue rp and lore but it is fairly difficult to find(all of our old threads are gone, and there isnt much in wowwikia/pedia.) Ive read about the deathstalkers and shattered hand for organizations within the horde. I want my rogue to be a military-special ops-esque rogue. What came to mind was an orc or troll under the command of Thrall/the horde. Im just having trouble fleshing out which to go with. I cant really find many examples of either race rp/lore for rogues. I like the orc model over the troll, but when a character has a background i like ill play anything.
Rogues are great because they are one of the classes that can have so much RP potential. In fact when Blizz had the writing contest a few months back I submitted a story about an Orc Rogue. I never really played rogue and that point, but I knew you can really do anything story wise with them.

Basically the story was that the Orc was an old grizzled war vet. He wasn't so much "rogue-ish" as he was keen and brilliant. He had been a warrior, but forsook the heavy armor and battle axe for two smaller axes and light armor. He had contacts in the Shattered Hand who would hire him to take out some encroaching Alliance commander or Burning Blade cult leaders. Mostly though he wanted to give up killing, but figured it was better for him to murder a few men out of necessity rather then have a larger conflict erupt.

It was fun. Orcs especially make good RP rogues because I find the "stealthy ninja" aspect to be a bit played out, and Orcs really have that warrior spirit which you can play with.
Ive thought of a troll sabatour or sorts. Uses stealth to infiltrate enemy camps and rains hell on them with explosives and burning oils(goblin eng/volatile oil wc3) then runs like hell! haha. Also had the thought of a cunning orc blade for hire, bounty hunter type, dead or alive contracts, possibly a gruff hitman if the coin is right.

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