protector of the innocent prot solo?

I had 3/3 in this for 4.0.1 and it allowed me to solo content, but now I'm at a loss as to how to spec to try and solo anything given how little damage I do which then requires self-healing to get through longer fights yet I have no mana pool. What am I missing?

If I'm only supposed to use prot for 5-mans, raids then I guess I'll go learn how to do retribution again for soloing and give up any AoE farming or doing lower level dungeons solo.
I'll admit I've had to be much more careful when farming kara and outland heroics again.

Something like that. Just use Holy Light to heal - it should restore a massive chunk of your health, with the Crusade proc - around 20k, and for cheap. Otherwise, carry a stack of bandages. If you need more mana regen, use Seal of Insight.
I guess I'll have to try a spec like that. So it appears I would need one spec for tanking 5-mans in Cata, wait to see what other changes are made with regards to raid tanking issues and then if I want to use prot while leveling I'll need a separate spec like the one you listed.
I'm not looking at your armory... but if you need to rely on PotI to keep you up in kara... get better gear.
1. Use Seal of Insight
2. Spec into all of the WoG talents.
3. I'd say get better gear, but in a week it won't matter.
4. Success.
The secret so far seems to be the Crusade proc after a kill as Jantilla mentioned above, assuming you aren't trying to farm mobs that are gray. I'm only getting around 18-19k on a Holy Light heal, but that's good enough for most stuff.

The amount of damage I do is incredibly sad, so I may still have to do ret as the offspec for leveling though.
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