[H] <Calamity> recruiting for Cataclysm

Calamity is a mature and serious progressive guild on Mal'Ganis Horde who will be focusing on Cataclysm content. The Guild Master and Officers have experience in top raiding guilds and competitive progression as well as experience in leading successful raids and guilds. A sample of our guild members and officer accomplishments include, but is not limited to:

- Server first Obsidian Sanctum 3 drake 10 man (non-zerg)
- Server first Eye of Eternity
- Server first Malygos five minute kill
- Server first Yogg-Saron normal mode
- Server first glory of the raider 10 man

Since forming at the beginning of October, Calamity as a guild has progressed through 12/12 ICC, 4/4 Ruby Sanctum and 8/12 hardmodes in only 2 complete raiding weeks as an entire guild and are quickly increasing our raid cohesion and progression. With the right additional members we will be 12/12 HM and progressing into Ruby Sanctum within the next couple of weeks.

What is unique about Calamity is that it is oriented around successful progression of the guild as a whole, not of individual members. In doing so, it means that each individual member will better themselves at a faster pace. This also means that Calmity will operate on a completely mature and objective Loot Council to ensure that the loot which is distributed by Calamity will directly influence the maximum performance of that gear (ie. the raider who attends all raids, keeps their gear gemmed and enchanted and performs well will have priority). This idea is similar to DKP without the ability to hoard and means that if you are dedicated to the guild, you will receive the best gear in order to directly benefit the continuous progression of the raid.

Calamity has zero tolerance for drama and expects their members to present themselves and the guild as friendly, mature, knowledgeable and skilled without ever being elitist or rude to World of Warcraft Players inside or outside of the guild.

Calamity has ventrillo (which is a requirement), a website and 4 bank tabs (more to come as needed). Members benefit with free repairs during raid to eleviate the need to farm outside of raid time and will be introducing free gems and enchants to gear you receive during raid, as well as other mats which will contribute to raid performance.

Raid times are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6pm-10pm server time (7pm-11pm EST). Invites begin at 5:30pm server time and members are expected to be inside the raid, with all consumables and fully repaired at 5:45 for first pull at 6pm. One break is provided at 9:00pm server time for a 10 minute duration to prevent constant brb's and afk's between every encounter.

Calamity is currently recruiting ONE TANK and ONE EITHER RESTO DRUID OR RESTO SHAMAN to trial with us in our last week of raiding in wrath and to enter into cataclysm raiding with us.

Calamity's raid ethics are built on the following principles. Please ensure you agree with these ethics prior to applying:

- To always better yourself as a progression raider: to read up on your class, roll and the fights we are progressing in and stay up to date on necessary information

- To always show up prepared and ready for first pull on or before raid start time

- To always maintain awareness of your surroundings (ie. don't stand in fire)

- To always learn from your mistakes

- To always think of the raid progression as a whole and not the individual player

- To always represent the guild in a positive manner to all other players of the wow community.

If this sounds like what you are interested, please visit http://calamitymg.guildlaunch.com and ensure you agree with both the raid principles and the loot rules above, then fill out an application. If your application is selected, you may be required to participate in intermediary selection processes which may include, but is not limited to a vent interview, trial dungeons or raids, asked to provide screen shots or WWS stats parses of certain aspects of a damage meter and/or a probationary period.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing your applications and enjoying our raid encounters with you if you are successful!
Exclusively for <Calamity> we will be having a race to 85. The member who reaches 85 first will benefit from a wonderful pot of gold and loot prizes donated by our officers. The official prizes thus far include:

- 1k gold (more to come as some officers haven't decided what they are donating yet)
- a Celestial Steed Mount code to apply (for every character on your account!)
- your own guild rank of your choosing (if it is an officer that wins, it will be above the roll leader position, if it is a raider, it will be above the raider position)
- 1 reserved loot of your choice (limited to the first month of cataclysm raiding)
- more to come!
<Calamity> is currently recruiting 1 TANK (preferably Warrior, but all exceptional tank applications are welcome.)

Due to raid balance, this is my new main and the new Guild Master of Calamity. If you are wishing to contact me in game regarding guild-related questions, this is the primary character you should add to your friends list. I may also be on Corryl, Corryla, Corryna, Corgul, Corelesse or Bananabeams. All questions or concerns are welcome. If any of my characters are not online, you may feel free to contact one of the other officers:

- Aeva (funny "AE") or his alt Loki (funny "o")
- FlayandPray or his alt Giftopher
- Ravenoak or his alts Caraighan, Caraina, Caraine, Caranthia, Caraynia, or Mariein

your best bet is to just /who Calamity and see if any of the above names show up :)

Thanks for your interest in Calamity!
I think I'd fit in well with this guild.
AMG! Great name lol!! Yes I think you would!
Calamity is currently recruiting most raiding positions. Please follow instructions above to apply.

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