What does it mean for DS to share CD with CS?

I read this somewhere, and I'm wondering if it means that when you use either of these abilities, you can't use the other one. If so, what's the point? How do you decide which to use? Is it basically meant to be a single-target or AoE decision?

When I hit level 29 I was going to take DS to add another ability to my rotation, but if they share a CD, does this mean I can't use both? If so, should I not bother with DS until after I put some points in other talents?
Correct. If you use CS you can't use DS because they both go on cooldown regardless of which one you use.

Since you'll probably be attacking one to two mobs at a time while questing CS is going to do far more damage, killing mobs faster, thus allowing you to progress faster. You could probably skip it [DS] and put your talent point into something else that will increase your damage.
Dang, I thought I was going to be getting a new ability to add to my rotation. Judgement > CS > Wait Around isn't all that thrilling. Granted, I can usually kill something with Judge > CS > TV (one charge) but that's only because I'm fighting things lower level than me right now.

Is this just how it is for a paladin? This was one thing I didn't like about shaman either -- use about three abilities, then wait while they come off CD.

When does Prot start becoming a good leveling spec? I was told to switch at 30, but the first two tiers don't seem as good for damage as the first two tiers of Ret.
I leveled as Ret (pre 4.0) and it was pretty fast. I'm not sure how it is for leveling after 4.0. Also random dungeon queues will be faster as prot if that's something that interests you.

We have other abilities to use, but not as part of a set "rotation" really.

You'll CS, TV and Judge (when CS is on CD and you have less than 3 HP).

But you'll Exo when it's instant, or HoW when you can as well. So you got other stuff, but it's pretty much just CS and TV lol. You could always pull with an Exo too if you want.
I wouldn't bother with DS unless you really have an extra point that has nowhere useful to go. It's very much a niche ability at the moment.

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