Unlimited Mana as Holy, Shoot me down please


hey guys im really just copypasting this from my guild forums, I really need feedback for this idea as I am a newbie theorycrafter.

First some Infos, unless your living in a cave you know that in cata all healers have 1 fast heal that heals for a good amount and costs a lot of mana and then one longer heal that heals for less, this is because healers wont have nearly as much mana longevity and need to watch how they heal to not go oom.

My FoL is my biggest heal at
Flash of Light
1.5sec -- 27% base mana -- 7329
Holy Light is has a much longer cast time and heals for roughly 60% of what FoL does but costs like no mana
Holy Light
2.5sec(talented) -- 9% base mana -- 4400
In a raid i can pretty much spam HL infinitely and not worry about mana at all, this of course isnt good because it heals for much less and very slow so its good to basicly only use when everyone is topped off to gain holy power with [url]http://www.wowhead.com/spell=85512/tower-of-radiance[/url].
The normal softcap for heals is to get GCD to one second which is 33% haste, and with 9% from [url]http://www.wowhead.com/spell=54151/judgements-of-the-pure[/url] it becomes 24% for pallys.

My idea would be to get 60% (51%) haste to bring my holy light to a 1 second cast time.
I would then be able to spam HL, all the time, it would be as fast as any spell and heal for 60% of my FoL, which is plenty for raid healing, which i will be doing plenty of since we are running 10 man, and as paladin raid healing is usually 50% overheals anyway. I can then FoL when needed because i will have plenty of mana to do so.
>pretty much infinite mana in an expansion where healers really need to watch their mana, i cannot stress the invaluability of this enough, seriously, this is like, amazing. (invaluability isnt a real word, wtf?)
>Good raid heals, nice for 10mans
>I could use Power trinks rather than Regen trinks
>Roughly 80% of tank healing power (healing where im not overhealing)
>Getting this much haste will be pretty hard and i would need some generous casters to pass rings/cloak/neck/trinks with haste and no hit to me :/

Anyways i dont normally do this kind of theorizing so some of my numbers could be wrong etc anyways i really want your feedback gaiz, please comment, any input is welcome.
To bring a 2.5 second cast down to 1.0 seconds, you need 150% total haste. To do this at level 80, you would need 3675 haste rating. Good luck!
1) I doubt you would be able to stack that much haste without giving up too many important stats.

2) It won't be needed. Raiding in cata is not going to be as unforgiving damage wise as WoTLK. They have slowed damage down a lot, they had too if they expect you to have the time to think about the correct spell to use. So instead of constantly spamming your quick heal, you would cast your average heal till the tank get hit really hard and you get into an emergency situation which you would then flash heal + holy shock to get him back to a safe level and head back into average heals again.
i agree with your statement and i as well highly recommend bringing HL (holy light) to a 1 sec. cast. It really helps out with beacon of light and tank healing because of its speed and low mana cost. Most of the time in raids tanks can get hit for 80% of there health example: debuff/overall act like in toc (trial of the crusader) last boss or RS (ruby sanctum) if hit with the cutter beams. so i think many other pally healers would seriously recommend this as well and it would help out a lot!
Please, stop now. It's impossible to reach a 1.0 sec HL. Even in full 277 gear, fully gemmed for haste, fully reforged for it. IT CANNOT BE DONE.

The OP is under the assumption that:
Final Cast time = Initial Cast Time * (1 - Haste %).

This is how it really works:
Final Cast Time = Initial Cast Time / (1 + Total Haste %)
5% haste does not mean cast time is reduced by 5%. It means you get 5% more casts out.

Fully raid buffed, you would need 3675 haste rating to bring HL down to 1.0 seconds. This isn't possible, and if it was, you'd be better off getting spirit since you could spam DL/FoL endlessly.
Lylthe thank you very much for the formula, i thought you were crazy in your first post but i see now.
I asked to be shot down and i was! thanks :)
Sorry if I came across as a bit of a jackass. Rough morning for me.

Good luck and keep up the theorycrafting!
thing is, if he did reach 1sec HL cast time by some strange means, the op would still find him self using a whole lot more mana.

4400/2.5 sec : 4400/1 sec, you are gona need to have (4400*5= 22000) 22k mp5

at this haste, i dont think you'll be spamming anything for more than a minute
The point would not be for me to spam constantly, say 4 people get hit for 30% of their health (happens all the time), i could then HL them as quickly as i could had FoLd them and spend 1/3d of the mana i would have using FoL. Since i would be using HL about 85% and FoL 15% rather than (very roughly) 50/50% I would be using less than half of my normal mana consumption.

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