-HORDE- Guild recruiting for Cataclysm

Guild Recruitment
Basic Information:
Guild Name: Syntax
Guild Server: Daggerspine

Syntax is a new guild forming in preparation for Cataclysm, we welcome all levels, transfers, re-rolls and will be recruiting through the release of the new expansion next week. With only a few days left before the level cap is raised, we know that many people are working hard at leveling new characters or are waiting for the release of the Goblin race. We welcome recruit-a-friend teams and single players. Though there will be no level restrictions or cuts, those who become raid ready first will be given the oppurtunity to become a core raid member in the future.

Future Plans:
Once we gather enough players, we will be focusing on primarily 10 man raids and Heroics. We will constantly evolve and progress and eventually, work our way into 25 man raiding.

Once enough players have reached the new level cap, we will be farming heroics for points and gear in order to collect enough gear to be effective in entry level raids.

Loot will be distributed using a DKP system.

Once cataclysm hits, we are looking at aggressively leveling as fast as possible. All members are welcome to join in on this aggressive leveling plan, but it is not necessary. We plan to have at least 2 core 10 man teams that will interchange throughout our raid schedule.
We also plan to have a dedicated pvp team that will compete in Arena, Rated Battlegrounds and other events. We encourage all players who wish to exclusively pvp apply.

We know that many people play this game for fun, not necessarily as a life-goal but a hobby. We welcome all styles of members, casual, hardcore, hobbyist. We also understand that complications in reality may deture you from playing as often as you like; therefore you are not required to play for any amount of time and will not penalized otherwise.

**Keep in mind though, those who play constistantly and contribute to the guild will be given priority when it comes to raiding and progression.**

We are currently taking all applications and anyone interested in applying. We know players cannot roll goblins immediately until december 7th. Just let us know ahead of time.
At this time, we will not be enforcing any special recruitment policies or rules. As we progress and our goal becomes more of a reality, we will narrow our recruitment and enforce applications and other requirements.

What Can We Give You:
<> is run by players with over 5 years of game time. Many of us have been playing since World of Warcraft was in Beta back in early 2004; and have since been actively playing. We've played under extremely intense raiding guilds and even relaxed casual guilds throughout our playtime. We've developed a philosophy that allows us to play this game the way it was meant to be played by the average player; for fun. We won't punish you for wanting to have a night out with your friends or family; We know you have no obligation to an online game when compared to reality. What Syntax offers it's members is progression, friendships and most importantly of all: Having a good time.

What You Can Give Us:
We expect our members to be respectable and mature. This shouldn't be considered a chore for anyone and if it is; perhaps we are not the guild for you. We do not discriminate against age, race, religion or sexual preference. We do however, discourage idiocy and immaturity.

We ask that all players enjoy the game; regardless of playstyle or skill. We do however expect all members joining to raid; to at least know how to play your class and play it expectionally well.

Leave your baggage, anger issues and racism on your side of the computer monitor. We are here to have a good time, don't ruin ours because you aren't.

Raid Times and Teams:

--You can either reply here and tell us a little bit about yourself and your plans for Cataclysm, or you can contact me through the following:

e-mail: wingless.aiden@gmail.com
AIM: WinglessAiden

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