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Were the Cloth Quartermasters removed? I don't think I saw any info on this anywhere. I have a whole bank tab full of rune cloth I wanted to turn in for the new goblin rep and I can't find their npc to turn it in. I also looked for the other factions Cloth Quartermasters and couldn't find them either. So does anyone have an info on this?

And if they were removed, anyone want like 2-3k rune cloth? lol!!
It may have been removed in favored of the new City Tabards that let you earn rep like you did in BC/WotLK by doing dungeons. It's a much more convenient/favored way of gaining rep rather then handing in ungodly amounts of cloth... If they are in fact removed, I'm glad for it.
I haven't seen them, but i would assume with the rep tabard for goblins/worgen that its likely they were removed.

Lots of people will be power leveling soon and also power leveling professions. , so i would expect you'd be able to sell off a lot of that cloth fairly soon.
They are no longer necessary since you can purchase tabards from city quartermasters and gain rep in dungeons now.
Yeah. They're gone.

Blizz added rep tabards for all the horde/alliance factions instead.
I heard they were removed, due to the rep tabards being introduced.
I just would like to have known. I never saw any notice it was going to happen.

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