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Bountiful Tables have been set up with care. Cooking fires blaze brightly in the failing autumn light. And wild turkeys once again roam the shaded pastures outside the Undercity and Elywnn Forest.

Pilgrim’s Bounty ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1190882 ) is in full swing. From cooking, to eating, to hunting, to (food) fighting, there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday. But of everything there is to do, which festivity do you enjoy the most?
How do you choose to celebrate Pilgrim’s Bounty?
Poll ended on Dec 1, 2010
You know, with a title like that I was expecting a "Wait at your city's tables for opposite faction players to arrive like a spider upon a glistening web", but then there was nothing.

So I went with the only option that had the word "kill" in it.
Replace dwarf rogue with orc rogue.
Nah, Replace Dwarf Rogue w/ Troll Rogue -.-
Funny story about the dwarf rogue...

I actually DID hunt down one of the 2 dwarf rogues online during the time I was doing that achievement. He was a level 52 in the Hinterlands before the patch. I was expecting to have to run around the entire zone trying to find him, but he was right by the flight master in Aerie Peak.

Didn't send him a tell, since I wanted it to be a surprise, and it sure was! I told him, "Thanks for being a dwarf rogue!" He responded, "It's a living."
I got my cooking up.

But that was before the Shattering.

Ancient holiday fetch quests < an exciting world that feels new again.
All Turkeys must die!
Fear the dwarf rogues!
Our server was actually fairly efficient at the rogue hunting. Quite a few people made alts with names such as "turkifyme" and then sat in dalaran....

Of course, no one is ever in dalaran now that the portals are gone >.>
I am attempting to get my mage high enough of a level to complete the last achievement for the pilgrim title that she is currently unable to obtain due to the fact she is too low of a level to get into sethek halls. I managed to somehow solo the rest. Lots of deaths in the process but so worth it. Nothing like doing something @ lvl 49 by yourself and seeing lvl 80's in trade lfg to do it. Managed to get to lvl 60 as of last night. Going to try to get the last 3 and have my pally tank friend run me through SH to get that last achievement and my title.
Im pretty sure it was Trogdor, who burninated the countryside.
Im pretty sure it was Trogdor, who burninated the countryside.

And all the peoples in their THATCH ROOF COTTAGES!!!
where is the power lvl fishing to 450?
I didn't respond because I dislike this event so I haven't done it. It seems to be a collection of cooking quests -_-
Do one of two things; either go to the beginning zone for dwarves and gnomes, or type /who and adjust the lvl parameters at the bottom of the "who" list to 1-80, and find your rogue that way. If your the opposite faction, get to Dalaran and wait between the flight path NPC and the entrance to where he is. People are either going to hearth, port, go out the sewer or fly out.

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