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Well, as the tree says, discipline is focused on healing... I'd like to know if theres any connection from the archangel that gives 15% to a real discipline healer. I just started trying discipline and I really can't find myself using smite all the time to get that bonus to continue healing after that for what... 15 seconds and the buff is over.

Shouldn't there be a way to preserve that bonus for more time like Chakra in the holy tree? That would be a bit more usefull for healers...

Am I missing something?
This sounds like it would be better-suited to the Priest forum, since your question is a bit technical. If you don't get a good answer here, I'd cross-post there.
I think the Smite mechanic proves to be most useful in PvP situations. Not that I'd really know, as I don't PvP as a Disc priest. But you can do damage in PvP situations and still have healing capability. There are similar talents for druid healers too, I think, to allow them the ability to fight while still enhancing their healing.

It would also be useful for leveling as Disc, perhaps? Not sure.
Thats true, but 15% increased healing in this situation is almost a waste... I'd like a way to connect that with the healing focus of the tree, otherwise its not worth getting this talent (which looks sooo kewl) if I'm healing disciple... :T
Disc priest checking in here.

My favorite part about the talent, honestly, is the wings graphic and the mana regen. The extra healing really is not necessary and it is not reliable. When you need to pump out a lot of healing, you don't usually have a 5 stack of smite waiting to be consumed. I generally smite between heals (or when nobody needs major healing) and use Archangel as a mana potion-like ability. That's it.

And now that the mana regen of archangel has been nerfed substantially... meh. At least the wings are still pretty.

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