Cape of Stranglethorn Quests Achievement

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Stuck at 59/60

Did the arena
did the message in a bottle.
Pretty damn sure I got the weatherbeaten coin.

Is there some script you can run to find which quests in zone you are missing or something?

Hate to get an addon for just one quest.Did the huge quest chain in Booty Bay where you betray the Bloodsails over a year ago when farming steamwheedle rep, just went back to the EK zones in the last few days to pick up the achievements for the nerd points.

I was 59/60 before i checked any websites. Saw a post that send you can have an issue with the achievement if you quest in the cape before Northern STV, which is what I did.

Go out to Jaguero Isle and talk to Princess Poobah.
Ill check it tonight. But I do recall doing quests for her that I got from a chain that started from a bottle.

Took a while to find her. had to go to where she was and /reload UI a few times till she spawned.
03/28/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Grokironhide
Ill check it tonight. But I do recall doing quests for her that I got from a chain that started from a bottle.

Perhaps on another character? Your armory showed that the only quest you did in that chain was Message in a Bottle. The rest of the chain seems to be incomplete.
Ok. This may have already been answered on this thread. I saw what I thought was the answer, but don't want to believe it. I'm 59/60 for Horde quests in Cape of Stranglethorn. Is the only way to get this achievement finishing the PvP in the Arena? I'm horrible at PvP and hope it doesn't come down to this....

Update: I just read some of the other replies. I've done all the Princess Poobah stuff, and did the ninja stuff on that same Isle.
Please help!
I'd check out getting the addons Wholly and Grail, which are 2 seperate addons but work together. I believe Grail querys the server to see what quests you have and haven't completed on that toon and Wholly is the visual interface.

You can then opn up Wholly and view every quest available for each zone. The ones completed will show in green, the ones available will be gray/yellow I believe. You can view all that in the settings. Some of the quests showing as "available" may have been removed in Cata or MoP, and some may be class or race specific quests. Though, it only takes a couple minute of looking at the quest names and then searching them in Wowhead, reading the comments that it was removed or class specific to find the one that is an available quest for you. Look and see if it has any prerequisites and then you can go find that NPC, item, or whatever (all of which I'm sure someone will have locs & info in the comments on wowhead).

It may have been suggested in the thread already and I may have over complicated it, but it's truly a simple way and has gotten me out of many jams while trying to complete zones.
So how do we get loremaster for this Eastern Kingdoms?
Hello Fellow WOW players. Ok I use to be stuck at 59/60 for cape of Stranglethorn achievemnt.
Today i just realized because I am also BLOODSAIL ADMIRIAL that could be the reason why I couldn't get the quest.

It dawned on me>>>> OMG!!!!!!! if I go to reputaion tab and click on my bloodsail rep and click at war then Brue will no longer be my friend and then I can kill him making the loot drop the quest An Old Sea Dog.

I tried it and YES!!!!!!! the quest dropped and then I change my rep back to not at war anymore then handed in quest and got the achievement!


Hope this helps :)
Thank you Wtfear, that brought me success. I never thought about those boats.

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