Gemming for Prot PVP

Has anyone tried gemming for INT as Prot in PVP? I'm seeing more and more Paladins as prot with about 30k mana. I want to know if it's any stronger or the same as gemming for STR.
Are you sure they aren't Holy Paladins..? xD

The only healer item I'd recommend is the 270 shield for crit.
Holy paladins going back to tanking maybe?

I know that's my case... ;)
Gemming INT in Ret PVP gear would nerf your damage so much it's not even funny. STR increases all our abilities, AP only benefits some of them. I wear a mix of PVP and PVE gear in my Pret spec I've been playing since well before 4.0. You do more damage and benefit more from buffs since most PVP gear is AP and not stats. I only have ~850 resilience and have killed other Pret's in full 270s.

Don't forget expertise and hit. Pret needs it more then Ret.

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