Ret pally help!

Before the 4.0 update I was always at the top of the DPS charts and did well in PVP. Today I was out DPS'ed by a prot pally who had terrible stats compared to my own. His DPS was a little over 1000, mine was 600.

Please, can someone tell me what's wrong with my rotation at level 64:

1. Judgement opener (from afar)
2. Holy Wrath (since it has the longest CD and is usually 3rd/4th on my recount list)
3. Crusader Strike (to build up HP)
4. Templar's Verdict (whenever HP is full)

I then use Hammer of Wrath and Exorcism whenever they proc, Hammer of Wrath always ends up being #1 on my recount list despite not always getting the killing blow on ads. I never exorcise unless it'll be instant.

When everything is on CD, I cast Judgement.

Does anyone see a problem with what I'm doing? Could it be because my hit is so low?

Please help!

EDIT: I guess it doesn't help that I don't have all my glyphs yet (do they make a huge difference?), also I forgot to mention that I use Seal of Truth and Blessing of Might.
Ret was nerf'd fairly hard. you'll get use to not leading dps charts for awhile.

For right now focus on Exo whenever it procs. It seems to be hitting harder than TV for now at 80 at least. That means Exo>TV or CS. Heck I had an instance yesterday where my melee was hitting harder than my CS or TV. I think it went Hammer of Wrath, Exo, Melee, CS, TV...and that was while following the CS>filler>CS>filler>CS>TV standard rotation. My finisher was hitting for more than anything else makes me a sad Palatard...c'est la vie.
Damn.. I also have a level 60 MM hunter who was my main until they messed it up, and now my pally is messed up too :(

Thanks for your input though. Just have to wait it out.
Tough to give you the best advice since you're not totally 80 yet, but I'll give you level 80 advice anyway since its something you'll want to work on ;)

When you can, get judgements of the pure as soon as you can, that 9% haste is amazing with Sanctity of battle. Crusader strike should ALMOST be every 2nd button you hit.

I usually start with this:

Judgement (to run in with Long arm of the law) and it gets replenishment going.
Get in close and crusader strike,
If exorcism is popped (art of war, likely not this early into combat) hit that, otherwise holy wrath
Crusader strike
by this time exorcism (art of war) SHOULD be up, if not you do play a bit of the waiting game :/
Then crusader strike again.
Templars verdict
Crusader strike
Judgement/Exorcism(art of war proc)
crusader strike
Holy wrath

Rinse repeat.

So far what i've noticed for prioritizing what to hit , with the latest changes exorcism oddly enough seems to do more damage than hammer of wrath.


Exorcism > Hammer of Wrath > Templars Verdict > Crusader strike > Judgement > Holy wrath

Thats just MY advice, is it the best? No , likely not. There are much better theory crafters out there, but in 25 mans I tend to stay in the top 5 dps.
Thanks Cryage, judgements of the pure does look promising!
Our censure dot (seal of truth) got nerfed pretty hard. That was pretty high on my recount list. You're doing everything ok. I wouldn't worry about how much dps you do at that "low" of level. It's all about getting to the cap. A dungeon might take a little longer, but people will need to learn patience anyway for Cata. :)

In the long run, PRIME glyphs potentially could raise your dps (damage done) by over 8%. I would say that's pretty substantial. Blizz balances classes around everything they could possibly have as a buff, so basically do everything in your power, and then just hang tight till level cap.

I would expect everything to be "balanced" by late January when Blizz can finally see some numbers from guilds that aren't #1 in the world and don't have the best players in the world.

P.S. if you have more than 3-4 mobs, try seal of righteousness. The cleave hasn't been nerfed yet, so maybe you can get something out of it. Bosses def. switch back to truth though. Blessing of Might is the best choice.

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