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Does anyone else find it ...odd, that there are now level 90 NPC's walking around? I know it's the way it's always been, elite guards 5 levels higher than the max, but 90 just SEEMS so bizarre.
Remembering the 60 cap, yes, a little.
I've seen a 85 elite flypath down a 31k hp dps DK in 1 hit. Yes it shall stop the mindless ganking.
I know it makes perfect sense, just the first time I actually saw "Level 90" written in-game, I was taken aback at how large a number that seemed.
Not odd at all.
What do you think would have happened the minute Cata is released?

Level 80s camping the newbie zones on flying mounts.
Level 90 Elites with 243K health will put a stop to this :)

some night elf druid came to the starting zone to do that to us. The guards made short work of her for her troubles. So i gave her corpse a hug.
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