Am I doing something wrong as ret?

Granted, my ret gear is not stupendous, it's about 5100 GS so it's not terrible...

In 3.x I was able to do 7k-9k relatively easily... now, heroics, ICC, doesn't matter, I struggle to break the 4k barrier...

I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Usually I follow a priority like..

AW > HoW > Zeal (3xHP) > TV (3xHP) > CS > Exo (AoW) > Judge > HW > Cons

I don't use Zealotry at the same time as AW... I'll usually start with Judgement so I can close distance, and then go into the priority game starting with CS. I even have that Ret addon that shows what ability is coming in next in the prio. queue.

Here's my talents...

Should I be doing a bit more than 3500-4k dps, or are we back to the old days where Ret was a joke for dps?
the agility weapon is really going to hurt your damage output, because agility doesn't do much of anything for paladins any more. the blue gems and the tank items, while not ideal, are much less of an issue.

i'd suspect that once you are properly geared as you move forward in the expansion, you'll start to see much better damage output. don't worry about it at this point, but for the future keep in mind that ret wants strength on everything, and 2h agility weapons are hunter stat sticks! :p
Yeah my ret set is still being hobbled together... I went 1-80 as ret, and then did all my heroics and what not as prot and now I'm trying to kind of hobble back over to the other side...

I'll try a little harder at filling out the ret gear.. it's been tough finding play time :P

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