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Since I am back in retail version I received only one quest (that wasn't Pilgrim related) from trainer in Cathedral SW. I headed to Searing Gorge and down the Blackrock Depths. Outside the instance I can take on enemies 2 and 3 at a level 3 times greater then my own. Once I enter the instance...I keep getting killed by levels lower or equal, or slightly higher then my own. This happens even if I take them on one at a time. This makes it impossible to move on with my one quest. Why are these enemy levels more difficult in the instance? Please help.

I am sorry...I meant this to be in the bug forum (where there are more quest topics). Don't know how to move post.
You have to remember that while you're used to dealing with 2-3 mobs outside of instances, these are regular mobs. Once you step inside an instance the mobs you will find are elite and though they may be the same level you're used to killing outside, these hit harder and have more hit points.
Assuming you're actually new and not a troll:

This is not a bug. Kalico explained why you're having trouble. You can tell when a mob is elite by checking if there is a gold dragon around the mob's portrait when you target it. Silver dragons indicate rares, which usually fall somewhere inbetween elite and normal mobs.

Instances are for groups. Find some people to go with you. A typical five man group includes 1 healer, 1 tank, and 3 dps.

You can use the LFG tool (by default press "i" to bring this up) to help you find a group if you want.
This is why the starting areas originally had an elite or two. So this wouldn't be a surprise when you find a whole dungeon full of them. Nerfing the game has consequences down the road for newer players.
that and you should not be able to zone into instances your own level without a group.
that and you should not be able to zone into instances your own level without a group.

This wouldn't help. Those who are above average players (read: been around the block once) can actually get through most dungeons solo.
^ This.

Reminds me way back in TBC when I tried to get a group for SFK on my Priest and decided to try to clear some mobs at the entrance solo.

I abandonded the idea of a group when I discovered through proper use of LoS and fear, I could kite the enter place. Took a couple hours but watching Arugal chase me all through the keep yelling RELEASE YOUR RAGE and never hitting me actually had me laughing in my chair.

I went form level 18 to 23 in one run.

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