Why give mages heroism at level 85?

Well there is possiblity not all mages will be arcane at 85 so not all mages would have time warp. I myself have a elemental shaman and i'd like to get into raids and not get the shaft because a arcane mage is in the raid. I kinda wonder what else blizzard could've come up with for arcane instead of time warp i'm not saying the spell it is bad or anything but the possibility of shamans getting the shaft in raids for mages is just really sad because hero/lust along with totems is what makes shamans so special. so what if blizzard gives another class totems what then ? shamans are totally out of work in raids ?. and as far as hunters pets go with hero/lust its only one type of pet that does it and not all hunters will get that pet.
Umm... Time Warp is a baseline spell. All mages will have it at 85, not just Arcs.
I dont mind getting TW, it will be useful in 10m if you dont have a shammy available. Additionally, BL/Hero can stop being an excuse to balance shaman dps, as their dps has always been balanced around having lots of buffs and lust at their disposal.
Could've been worse. Instead of something boring, we could've gotten something terrible/useless.

Far too late to be complaining about it at this point.
i cant wait to use it in arenas

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