Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde

Wyrmrest Accord
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Could you do goblins? That would be awesome
Could you do goblins? That would be awesome

This is a group of guides written on the old forums, a lot (if not all) by an old WrA member called Quill. She(He?) is no longer on this realm. I think.
ahhhhh, that sucks
Yeah, but it would be awesome if we could get someone who researchs all about the race and post it up. Along with any corrections needed.
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Thank you so much for re-posting this. This will help a lot. Thank you so much again. ^(^_^)^
You're welcome and Thank you everyone for getting this stickied! :) Since I will be on two weeks of bedrest due to a surgery next weekend, (I at least get one day to play Cata! :D) I may go ahead and post up some racials.

I already have Goblin to do, any others?
I think it'd be funny to make a "RPing an Ogre" guide.

Step one- Get the Gordok costume
Step two- ???
Step three- Profit
All of these posts have now (finally) been copied and archived on the Daily Thread site, in the event of something happening to these.
Anyway we could get one of these for the Alliance?

Nice, I'd love a goblin guide though if you could work on it.
It was a fantastic post. I'm not from Wyrmrest, but I have a few alts there. I am curious as to somethings about Forsaken Roleplay. Being new to it, I want to know how things work. I've seen some Forsaken Roleplayers literally falling apart, letting fingers fall off, pulling whole arms out of their sockets and waving them around. I like the idea, but is it lore acceptable? I know from the new Shattering Forsaken Starter Quests, some Forsaken mention being stitched together, not having their original hands, so I'm curious if stitching is the only thing holding us together, is it possible to fall apart? I'm a humorous roleplayer, and I could think of a few hilarious scenarios. Please help!

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