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Love this!
Anyway we could get one of these for the Alliance?


Yes, please make an Alliance version, someone! I'd be happy to help with the Draenei aspect of it, and some of the Night Elf parts, though I will say I'm still learning quite a bit when it comes to Kaldorei lore.
Something that merits mention is not just that these guides are informative, that they are interestingly-written, they are punchy and brief, and they do not feel the need to excoriate the reader on what they should and should not do.

I'm impressed and can only hope to see other work of this calibre.
you should make a guide for bloodelfs!
I think I will write one on Draenei and Worgen. I have found alot of just general tidbits that I've seen in mrps alone that are able to be fixed with a little knowledge. It may take a bit of time as I am currently in classes for my degree.
Also, Aereyanna, check the first few posts on page one. Those are dealing with the common belf problems. If you have any questions, please ask and I or someone in this thread will answer to the best of their abilities.
12/18/2010 2:16 PMPosted by Cauldric
It was a fantastic post. I'm not from Wyrmrest, but I have a few alts there. I am curious as to somethings about Forsaken Roleplay. Being new to it, I want to know how things work. I've seen some Forsaken Roleplayers literally falling apart, letting fingers fall off, pulling whole arms out of their sockets and waving them around. I like the idea, but is it lore acceptable? I know from the new Shattering Forsaken Starter Quests, some Forsaken mention being stitched together, not having their original hands, so I'm curious if stitching is the only thing holding us together, is it possible to fall apart? I'm a humorous roleplayer, and I could think of a few hilarious scenarios. Please help!

As far as that goes, I would say why not? I would say that undead are more towards stitching themselves together than using any magic, due to the nature of their raising. I would find it more unbelievable of a forsaken rper to not have any stitches whatsoever.
I actually have a quick question about the Blood Elf RP guide. I was under the impression that Priests/Paladins were mostly able to escape the addiction to the Arcane, which is why they are still considered "lower class" citizens in Blood Elf society?

I thought the Rankings were:

Magisters - Mages etc;

Farstriders - Means to an End they have power because they are allowed to

Preists/Paladins - Never really addicted to the arcane - due to their focus on the light

Warlocks - Just generally distrusted b/c of their dedication to the Fel arts

Thanks for answering!
11/26/2010 7:33 PMPosted by Allarya
If you're not a peon, you're not an idiot.

What if you were hit on the head one too many times?
Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin.

On the contrary, quoting from wowpedia's Blood Elf page...

"In classic World of Warcraft, blood elves had normal white eyes with pupils. The Sunwell Trilogy also depicted them with this appearance. A possible explanation is that all blood elves having green eyes in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is simply an exaggeration by Blizzard to help differentiate blood and high elf NPCs, or it's simply a mistake by Blizzard."

In addition, if you scroll further down to the section titled "Could blood elves rejoin the high elves?", it states...

"With the recent developments of the banishment of Kil'jaeden and the restoration of the Sunwell, one could argue that the blood elves have in effect been restored to high elves or could return to being high elves. The elves no longer have to turn to fel magic to feed their addiction, and it has been speculated that the Sunwell's energies can reverse the physical changes that come with fel consumption (although there is not yet any evidence to support this), hinting at the possibility of reconciliation."

Thus, for you to state that Sin'dorei can ONLY have green eyes with "no exceptions" is not necessarily true. Game dynamics are often taken far too literally when it comes to roleplay sometimes in that people fail to see broader lore concepts. This said, I do think people should wait on roleplaying a Blood Elf with blue eyes until Blizzard lore confirms that they can have blue eyes. Also, it would not be wrong to roleplay a Sin'dorei with having white eyes, which I believe would mainly be the case for those who choose not to rely on Fel as a source for energy (while I understand that most do rely on Fel, I am sure that there are some who find other sources, and highly doubt that Silvermoon has a law that states you must consume Fel).
Honestly... These guides are half and half. While they do give information to new RPers who want to try some of the new races, they also give misconceptions and try to state that it's black and white. IE

You are not a member of an Orcish Clan. You might have been, at one point. They existed up until the end of the Third War, when the New Horde was formed and the clans were quietly done away with.

Which is completely and utterly false. Thrall openly says he is a member of the Frostwolf Clan. The New Horde is still far too young to just diminish clans, especially with tension always rising. Many orcs cling onto their old clans to find family, hope, common ideals, and many other things.

Not only that but a lot of the Forsaken ideals posted by Needle are out-dated at this point due to their being risen once more, instead of just by the Lich King.

But all in all, it is again, useful for newbie RPers and most of the ideals and statements are true other than a few. All in all good guide and hats off to you Allarya to posting it.
I have to say that I disagree with the black and whites with this. As in all life; whether real or WoW; nothing is Black and White. What one see's as black, may be anothers white.

Blood Elves are Blood Elves due to the addiction yes, however a Blood Elf who had all this happen to them and were a High Elf in previous form could still hold onto their High Elf thoughts and beliefs. This is why I think Blizzard failed to see the scope of all the lore past, present, and future.

If only we could choose the race and then the side I bet things would go alot smoother when it comes to RP. I feel that too many of you say it has to be your way when, really what we all want is for it not to be all Demons, Fangs, Vampires, I killed you so you have to DELETE your toon. And all that other ISH that we all loathe like not knowing the lore.

However for those that RP like that... This is the thread your looking for. *Waves hand in front of Newbs Face*

Did It work?
When it comes to roleplaying, especially in the World of Warcraft, I find that people tend to take what is seen and read in game, to be the be all and end all of what should be made available to a player to use.

Guides like this are good for a base , to be sure, however, as mentioned there is no real black and white. There are so many other sources for lore, from comics to novels to the table top information and books that were once available (and now tend to contradict one another).

I beleive that when you make a character, you should not constrain yourself to certain "in game" limitations. Role playing is about the suspension of belief, and good roleplayers should be able to stand back, and perhaps interact with a character to find out and learn why her blood elf has a different eye color (as it pertains to lore) and just how the backstory provides the logistics behind such.
You should post in-thread links to the various posts at the very beginning so it's easier to find them. XD
I'm really interested in Goblin stuff, but I don't know much that would apply to character interactions aside from what is shown through the Kezan/Lost Isles quests.

I'll look around and post anything relevant I can find. :D

Found some stuff on wowwiki

Non-business social behavior
"Goblins are not purely mercenary. They are known to form strong bonds with individuals of other races. Their small forms and odd behavior make other races — elves in particular — ill at ease, but goblins do not seem to care much for the impression they make. They judge by deeds, befriending those who treat them as friends and standing apart from those who would offer them abuse."

"Goblins do not, as a rule, like the Scourge, as the undead threatened to wipe out the entire populations of the Alliance and Horde, leaving the goblins with no customers."
First off, thank you for posting these. They're a wealth of information, particularly the part about the orcish ages in relation to their history.

However, for what little it's worth, I do object to the straightjacketing of people's character stories. The high elf eye-color thing is the best example. Clearly, Horde elves having blue eyes is suspect for being snow-flakey, but saying that there's no possible exception and that any blue-eyed elf would be allied with the alliance is taking it far to the extreme. Does nobody remember the high elf in Ratchet who asked Horde questers to attack Northwatch?

Blue-eyed quel'dorei having independent faction affiliation really makes sense, given that their social status would still be in flux. For a blood elf player to RP as a blue-eye, they'd have to do so carefully, but if some trolls aren't necessarily Darkspear and some dwarves aren't necessarily Bronzebeard, why could there not be some Horde blood elves who are still quel'dorei? The straightjacketting doesn't make sense to me.

But again, thank you for providing these posts.

These master posts were done by Quill and a few others from the former forums. Quill, as far as I know, left awhile back. Not sure if he's back again or not.

Alot about the guides are the basis of things and alot of this was done before Cata.

About the blood elf eye-color, It's just common sense really. If the only true way another race within the Horde is able to guess friend or foe on the field with Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei on it, they are probably going to look at the eyes. Blue eyes= Foe for immediate recognition. Also in Silvermoon, those who did not take energy from the fel crystals would be looked down upon with disdain by the blood elves, especially those in power. They chose not to and many of the Quel'dorei preferred the methods of the alliance which is another contention between them. Even if you explained icly to another race in warcraft, the other race would probably not truly understand as elven politics are more akin towards Alliance-based than the traditionally tribal type of the Horde. If you were a Quel'dorei in Silvermoon, I would imagine you would be spat upon and ridiculed for not partaking what everyone else had chosen and would have no power to your name or whatever house you represented would be shamed to disgrace. Just basically, it would be common sense to not flaunt being a Quel'dorei, especially to the Horde as the other elves would look down on you and those in the Horde who did not specifically know the character, would find it strange for an enemy elf to walk into Orgrimmar.

Now the only way to connect it to game lore with blue eyes and being in the horde, without really bending any lore, would be to say that your elf was a death knight, either lying about it or really being a death knight. Another way would be to wear some sort of magic contacts.

I'm not saying that is canon with lore. I'm just explaining my view on it. I honestly think we should get a dev's view on it more than anything like the Demon/warlock debate. As an rper, I tend to keep away from elves who have it in their description that they are Quel'dorei and they're Mary-sue-whoring themselves in the Horde. I can kindly live without that particular drama in my rp.
about the clan thing for orcs, clans are still quite prominent even in wotlk and Cata where the Warsong offensive was led by Garrosh's own Warsong Clan while some clans that are generaly associated with the Dark horde and the Horde of Draenor/Fel Horde have some uncorrupted counter parts in the New Horde they were most likely abandoned by ner'zhul like the warsong clan after he finished with them and thus finding themselves with no real clan made small organizational counterparts in Thrall's Horde

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