Word of Glory, not so glorious?

As a Holy Pally, I find Word of Glory an alright spell, nothing to get excited over, but useful. But over the course of the last week I'm finding it horrible for Ret and Protection Pallies.

I watched a 30k hp Ret Pally take on a Feral Druid tank with 50k hp. He killed the Druid since he had a heal that could heal him back to almost full, basically the ability to Lay on Hands over and over at no cost to him in mana nor debuff. I find that a bit much.

But, I think the biggest annoyance are tanks, who no longer care if their group, including their healer, is with them, because they can now not only faceroll with damage, but heal it all back again, at no cost to them.

TL;DR - I see the utility of the spell, shouldn't it be dumbed down some for Ret and Prot in some way?
Don't worry, it won't be so glorious for us at 85.
I'm glad you tossed in that "no mana cost nor debuff" line, as if that means it is free. Serious /facepalm about the "no cost to them" part about Protection, though.

P.S. I hate Holy Paladins (especially those who are most likely alts of non-Paladins) trying to nerf Retribution and Protection.
Good try, but it is free when the holy power is not always consumed, (assuming they put points in that) and with how quickly holy power is gained.

As for trying to get Ret and Prot nerfed, I actually run 3 Pallies. A nerf would benefit me none.
It won't scale well for Prot or Ret at 85. That should be good enough.
For Ret pallies using word of glory takes away our strongest move Templar's Verdict. So it is give and take we can not go all out and heal at the same time.
For Ret pallies using word of glory takes away our strongest move Templar's Verdict. So it is give and take we can not go all out and heal at the same time.

thanks the the TV change revert Exo is your strongest move as Ret.
Mind you I'm still leveling, so what do I know?

I use WoG to take the pressure off of the healer and to "hopefully" give myself the absorption shield.
How the hell is holy paladin qqing about ret heals. Look in the mirror imo

I tend to be in the top 3 in healing done in battlegrounds as ret with multiple dedicated healers running around.

I can do a wimpy like 7 or 8k templar strike that will get dodge like 40 times by a feral druid, or I can do a 27k word of glory heal on someone. It's a pretty easy choice.
Seems like you are taking both PvE and PvP into consideration.

IMO, Prot/Ret should never be using Word of Glory in a PvE situation. It has marginal usefulness in rare situations, but that just means either you or someone else is failing. (DPS can't manage aggro, tank can't hold aggro, healers suck, etc)

If you are trying to say a tank shouldn't use WoG...you have no idea what you are talking about.

The absorption shield is the mastery for Holy spec. Healing yourself as Prot/Ret will not grant you the shield.

You again do not know what you are talking about.
That's a great argument buddy.
To reiterate, learn what you are talking about before you try to make such a matter of fact statement.
WoG is supposed to be pretty weak for ret and prot, it's not supposed to allow the class to instant self-heal their way to victory in fights. this would be in keeping with the move to make sure that any class that is not a healer doesn't really possess potent self-healing abilities, as that counters the idea that healers are necessary for things like group pvp.

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