(H-Guild) The Inquisition

Moon Guard
A pair of shadows lingered kneeling atop a rocky outcropping that overlooked the newly reconstructed Ogrimmar. The shimmer of steel reflected the moonlight’s haunting glow as the first of the pair rose fully robed.

“Look at them. They think they can merely rebuild and escape the Master’s will?” the tone marked him clearly as an orc, though a certain laughter laced each word as if the figure found the audacity of Garrosh’s reconstruction project amusing. Turning his hooded head he gazed to the second robed figure still kneeling. “Come, we must report this.”

The figure started to leave, but stopped a few steps in when he realized the second was still kneeling over the edge and had given no movement to signify he had other intention. “What are you waiting for? We need to hurry to inform the encampment.” Again the silent response seemed only to encourage his irritation.

“The encampment…” the figure finally started to speak and caught the orc by surprise as he slowly rose as well. “…Is already being taken care of.” His words were calm and calculated. The way the robe fit over his figure signified him as one of the sin’dorei and if any doubt existed it would’ve soon fallen away as he turned and brought his hood down. Silver hair spilled out as those ever defining emerald eyes of his people stared back at the orc.

“Who the hell are you?” the orc demanded seeing that he didn’t recognize the elf who stood before him now and already his hand was nearing the blade at his waist.

“If I did my job correctly you would never know who I am.” The elf started. “Although you aren’t going to live to tell anyone anyway so I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.” As those words fell free from his lips a curled smirk rose in place of it. An armored hand drew from his long sleeved robe and drew out a long sword from his back. The cultist stood somewhat dumbstruck still before him.

“They call us the Inquisition and our job is simply to make sure you do not do yours.” The words were ever spoken in pleasant tone as the large blade was readied into a more visible attack stance. “We end what threatens the Horde, before it ever gets the chance to.”

“How could you have infiltrated us like that!” the cultist shouted, but his words were cut short by the blade cutting across his chest. The soft clang of the orc’s blade hitting the ground rang out as did the soft droplets of blood from the wound. A gurgled gasp was all the orc could finish before falling to his knees with an astonished stare.

“We could, because we can. We did, because it’s our job.” The elf spoke with ever present grin as he placed the sword in proper sheath upon his back and then tossed the robe clear of his body revealing plated armor beneath. “I would tell you to remember the name, but in the last few moments of your life I’d rather you merely appreciate our work.”

The elf then walked past the still dying orc and gave him a sharp shove forward so he hit the ground. He then proceeded down a small pathway towards the soft flickering fires of a burning encampment in the distance. His allies had done their job well and he sought to rejoin them.

The inquisition is first and foremost an RP guild with heavy emphasis on smaller group tactics for closeknit RP, PvE (10man) and PvP (Arena and BG Arena). We like to stress that we expect alot of those who look to join us as we don't seek to sit back and be a guild that talks the talk and never actually walks the walk. Below is a link that should answer any questions you might have for the guild.


Currently we are looking primarily for:

2 Melee dps

For a dedicated 10man. We want to form a group that will always be there to progress together and really act as a unit both RPly and Gamewise. Thank you for your time.

Feel free to message me in game as well if you have further questions.

(PS.. Blizz fix my profile... im not a troll, kthx)

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