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I am constantly disconnecting from the game while still maintaining a stable internet connection.

What happens is, I would be casting an ability, but my actions don't do anything. Everybody else is moving, i'm getting killed, etc, but i can't do anything except watch.

This has been occurring for days now, and honestly i'm getting tired of it.
I have logged into my account on two different computers, and the same thing happens.

in addition to this problem, i also sometimes have problems connecting to the battle.net site.

i'm now going to bump this thread each time i get dc'd...

bump again

good game
bump again

Same thing here ever since 4.0.3a been checking forums since then and haven't seen any solution that works.
thank you osmebody else has the same problem

maybe now i'll get a response from a blizzard employee

lol what am i saying
thank you osmebody else has the same problem

maybe now i'll get a response from a blizzard employee

lol what am i saying



(If you're suspicious, check 'High latency on Traceroute' up near the top of the page)

Your problem sounds exactly like a problem quite a few people are having. If you don't want to read the 28 page thread, here's the jist: Blizzard has changed the way packets move from your machine to their server--various IPs for reasons that are wayyyy 'inside baseball' (It's nothing we do) are being throttled, as their ISP (AT&T) are thinking we're torrentors or filesharers or something.

Long story short, the problem is probably on their end, not yours. On the plus side, they'll probably get this fixed reasonably quickly. You know, unless they're in the habit of annoying large sections of their player base because one company is treating their customers like low-priority traffic.
thanks for the reply.

this same issue, well i don't know if it was the same technical problem, but i had the same disconnect (same things happened) throughout season 8, or if you are unaware of the pvp seasons the past 6 or 7 months or so.
this happened on or off though, unlike what is happening to me now.
The easiest way to find out would be to run a traceroute. Open up a command prompt (file run on XP, then type cmd, if on 7, type cmd into the search bar, bottom of the start menu)

it'll bring up a DOS/cmd prompt, type this

'tracert us.logon.battle.net > C:\tracert.txt' (without quotes), then log onto WoW. Chances are you will see something like this

'cr83.la2ca.ip.att.net []
11 36 ms 41 ms 37 ms gar5.la2ca.ip.att.net []
12 37 ms 43 ms 39 ms
13 51 ms 40 ms 36 ms
14 * * reports: Destination net unreachable.

If you see addresses with att.net, followed shortly by 'Destination net unreachable' congratulations--you're among the many users that AT&T is putting at the bottom of its response queue, which is causing you to time out from your client, despite the fact your connection's fine.

Hopefully, they'll sort this out soon.
are you sure thats the correct command?
I pulled it from the Blizzard support site, so it should be right.
Yes... the command is correct. And, yes... I am having the same issue. It also seems to be primarily Windows 7 users, or those running 64-bit encryption.

Welcome to the wonderful world of... PROGRESS!!!
still occurring---command didn't work for me maybe i'm stupid
tells me access is denied
Lunaignis ,

Your contribution to this 10 month old thread doesn't tell us much :)

Are you having a problem? If so, please start your own new thread and provide a description of the problem as you're seeing it.

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how about anwser the actual thread not some random

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