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I just RAF my wife, and we digitally upgraded the account. Its still showing as a trial account even though we paid for the upgrade all the way to WOTLK and payed 1 month onto the account.

When i log into my account, its saying that she hasnt even accepted it. Please help me fix this asap.
Having a similar issue -- RaFing with my bf and I put in the product key to get the free month, which went through fine, but in game it is still treating me as a trial, not allowing trade or use of guild bank.

HOWEVER, I did just level to 21 and am still gaining experience, when I believe trials are supposed to stop at 20?

Clearly some miscommunication in the system somewhere.
I am having the same issue. I digitally up-graded and added a 60 day game card, but it still is showing as a trial account. I can't even trade with the person I am linked to, which is really irritating.

Any help would be appreciated.
same issue here. i need help.

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