4.0.3a DPS Concerns

Found this on a ret pally web site and it's spot on

Patch 4.0.3a brought about some nerfs that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Yes, we knew Crusader Strike was being knocked down to 115% weapon damage…and yes, we knew Hammer of Wrath was getting a roughly 25% damage reduction. But, with Exorcism getting another nifty boost to damage, I figured things would be okay, even with the Seal of Truth nerf tacked onto everything else.

Retribution DPS Concerns
Here is all I can say…our DPS at level 85 must be pretty dang competitive with the pure DPS classes to get this kind of attenti0n. None of the changes were overwhelming, and I am not going to run home and cry in my pillow because of them, but I think there is a fine line between great DPS and acceptable DPS.

We definitely are in the acceptable DPS range, whereas prior to Patch 4.0.3a, we were sitting in the lower tier of the great DPS category. Now, most of this was extremely high burst damage, with alternating Avenging Wrath and Zealotry buffs to hold our sustained DPS high. But the recent changes more or less neutralized this.

For those that are underwhelmed by the current state of our DPS, I think I am starting to agree that it kind of stinks. My 5-man DPS is pretty low (Pushed 5k at my highest thus far), and I still am not using Divine Storm, even with the change buffed to 80% weapon damage. For raid environments, I think I am still working out kinks, because my DPS is on a roller coaster ride, and I have nothing solid to confirm other than it seems to be in the vicinity of 1.5k to 2.5k DPS lower than before 4.0.3a.

Single target DPS should appear better at level 85. I trust in this much, because Inquisition will really pump up our numbers. We have to remember that the current Retribution combat designs are factoring in aspects that we do not yet have access to, so the best thing to do is to shrug off the current state of DPS, and keep our eye to the future…only five little levels beyond!

Divine Storm
To sum this up, I have now put Divine Storm through some extensive testing, and I am pretty confident in saying it is still is fairly underwhelming. I like the cool down aspect, and I don’t mind it sharing a cooldown with Crusader Strike, but the damage output still doesn’t quite meet AoE standards…at least in my opinion. I don’t feel 80% makes us competitive enough in the AoE combat field.

Some posts I have read online say Divine Storm at 3 targets or more instead of Crusader Strike. Nope, I disagree there…100%. Some sources are saying 4 targets or more. This is 50/50, and you are hoping for some crits in there. I am really leaning towards saying 5 targets or more for Divine Storm use, because I found my overall DPS higher with Crusader Strike use.

Think of it this way…you attack a pack of 5 mobs. You Divine Storm and get the first one down. Now, you are down to 4 mobs, and must choose single target or AoE DPS. At 3, 2, and 1 mobs remaining, you are single target DPS.

In true “AoE” situations, AoE combat may only take up 20% of your combat time…at least for optimal AoE damage efficiency. The rest is still taken over by single target rotations and combat strats, with a few AoE tricks mixed in (Holy Wrath, Consecration).

What do you guys think?
i'm sorry to say but you weren't getting 39k tv's pre patch

[18:27:04.374] Sepa Templar's Verdict Deathbringer Saurfang *42317* (O: -1)

From: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/keqdwmnilh8tixfy/sum/damageDone/?s=975&e=1084

As for the topic, DS is simply unusable unless there's ~5+ mobs, and either they know this and they're ok with it, or they'll fix it at some point.
30% buff will lolfaceroll any class into victory.

jokes aside - the OP's post about another post on a different site is just QQ.

Ret shouldn't be about AOE - we're a melee class, so we should be balanced around other melee classes, and I think we are pretty darn close.

Be careful when you say we aren't balanced because 'X' person with 'x' class does more than you - they probably either are a better player, or have better gear.

I think classes should be measured by their potential - and that's hard to do with a pally because of the RNG.

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