What spec to level as in Cata?

I currently have gear for prot and ret. I could get gear for holy. What do you all suggest I level as from 80-85?
I was thinking of this as well and what i came out with was. To make sure i have ret and prot both since i have duel spec.I wont be useing prot as much but will have it ready for grp quest or quest that i can aoe.Another thing is that i wont use prot gear but go more as ret gear with prot spec for all the tree cooldowns and extra aoe spells hammer and so on.Holy can be a great leveling spec as well with the return of shockadin.Either way level in w/e spec you enjoy and all in all have fun. GL leveling

Holyflow.Alterac mnt
I'll be leveling prot. Works great soloing with DPS gear on and works great if you want to do the occasional dungeon. Just toss on tank gear and queue. Instant queues = win.
Prot ftw
Ret, I suppose. Level as the spec you like. Make the experience enjoyable.
id level prot if I had the gear, going to be ret for me. Ill only have problem with group quests.
id level prot if I had the gear, going to be ret for me. Ill only have problem with group quests.

gear isnt really an issue while leveling. You can get awesome tank gear just by doing quests. I think some quest gear you can replace your ICC epics with.
I'm currently leveling as Shockadin. Not sure what I'll do in cata but if it stays similair to what it is now I'll prolly continue leveling as shockadin. Besides, I love the reaction when I'm a dps in a group and im holy. "WTF. why are you holy?"
I plan on leveling as holy and ret offset for the odd duegon on the way to 85. I plan on going going holy dps spec from 80-85. Shall be fun I hope.
Its to bad 2 of our "specials" from holy doesn't really benefit our Shockadin dps. No use for walking in the light except for back up heals or self heal. and master for the same reasons. Ah well, still lethal with our hard hitting holy shocks.
Prot or Holy. From my experience, as retribution, you'll have a hell of a time from 82-84 if you solo as ret. You cannot take on more than 1 normal quest npc at a time as Ret. Specially on the curve that will be the Mid-Deepholme quests. 2 Normal quest Npcs will kill you. (If you can't repentance one of them.

As Prot, you will at least be able to live and save yourself the long run. As Holy, no idea.
leveling as holy/prot will make it much easier to do dungeons while leveling, while if you focus entirely on ret, you could end up with very long queues (as i would imagine a lot of hybrid players will be leveling as their dps specs, and therefore not queue as a healer/tank for random dungeons)
I plan on leveling RET, crushing mobs in a few seconds never gets old. I'll que as prot though since waiting 10 minutes for dungeons gets boring.

I wonder if the CATA Dungeons will all have quests in them like in all the vanilla dungeons now. It would be super cool if they did!!
On my pally I went from 10-45 as rent, from 45-65 as prot and prot has been the better leveling spec for me. Prot can "crush mobs in a few seconds" too as well as many one shots of mobs equal level.

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