gathering proffesions while leveling

Hi, Since 4.03a hit live servers i started leveling my priest with herbalism and inscription as its profs. I never had a problem before when level herbalism on my main or my other alt that have herbalism but now i am leveling way faster than i can herb. I know i can always stay around a herb for another hour to get my skill up to the right level, but i feel like if someone was new to the game that they would firstly get there profs much later than i did since they might not even know about them and they would not know where too look. I think that adding xp for collecting the nodes was a good idea but maybe its the problem making people out level the area before they can get there gathering profs the right level to move on to the new area.

So my question is: is it just me having bad luck with nodes or are we just leveling way too fast with the new quest/xp.

P.S i collect every node i see.
Either something very strange is going on with you, me, or you are doing too many instances. In my experience there are 2-3x as many herb nodes now as compered to pre-shattering, and their skill bracket is might tighter in each zone (like a 50skill spread rather than a 100skill spread).

The only time I had any problem at all with herbalism was when I hit 15, did 3 instances back to back to back, and ended at level 21. All my quests were gray to me and I couldn't herb nodes in the next zone without farming out some skill. After that I went out of my way to only do 1 instance per 1.5-2 hours of questing and I was always way ahead of the herb skill curb.

For the record, my alt is level 58 and hit 300 herb around 53-54.
While it can happen, I find that the skill up gains are lasting a lot longer than they used to.
(this was implemented a few patches ago).

If you find you out level the area you need to farm herbs from, just stick around for a bit. The faster skill ups should make your "farming for skills" time much shorter.

TBH though, I'm not sure what the problem is really. I actually found that I was over skilled for every zone I stepped into, including Northrend.

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