Lower level mats need reduction

I am leveling a new toon and with the new leveling speed you are no longer killing millions of guys that drop cloth and I have had to buy more than half of what I need from the AH spending hundreds of gold just to level my profession with my character and this is just to level 45 so far.

This makes everything I make lower level than me and defeats the purpose of having a profession other than gathering. I also have tailoring / enchanting but to save gold I need to make shirts that can not be DE'ed making me buy even more mats (which is cheaper to do than buying more cloth)
agreed. Leatherworking is a real PITA
I figured I'd find a thread like this to add to. I've been trying to keep up my skinning/leatherworking while levelling a hunter, but the mat requirements for recipes (especially as you get towards the end of a particular tier, i.e. you're grinding up medium leather and need about 15 more points to heavy) are far too high considering the speed of levelling. It's a real feeling of having to get away from your adventure to sit around killing stags forever in order to be able to make your gear, rather than supporting your adventuring with your craft. It definitely needs a workover to jive with the feel of the rest of the game.

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