<Hardline>Recruiting DPS DK or Ret Paladin

Burning Legion
Feel free to contact me in game for any reason regarding recruitment

We are a guild with a core of raiders who have raided vanilla, cleared Sunwell, and killed HLK. We are looking for exceptional raiders who are willing to always improve and compete for end game content as fast as possible

What we are looking for:

  • We are currently looking for highly competitive dps. By highly competitive dps we mean dps that is constantly pulling their maximum dps.

  • We expect above average situational awareness along with extrordinary dps.

  • We also expect exceptional communicational skills. If you are unable to communicate with fellow raid members and help with development of strategies and execution you will only be slowing our progression.

  • We expect nearly perfect raid attendance. As a 10 man guild we will be able to make changes to our raid times but it is still imparitive that we have perfect attendence from everyone.

  • We expect everyone in the guild to be looking for anyway possible to better themselves as a raider in or out of raids
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    What we are not looking for:

  • If you have any concerns about loot distribution this is not the guild for you!

  • We will open loot discussion to the raid and will distribute it purely based on what will help most in progression.

  • We are also not looking for individuals who are unwilling to accept critisism and correct any mistakes.

  • Raid times will be 8-12 PM Central time(Server Time) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

    ONE Raiding spot open for a Melee dps not looking for multiples.

    Death Knight: High need of DPS DK

    Druid: CLOSED

    Hunter: CLOSED

    Mage: CLOSED

    Paladin:HIGH need for Ret Paladin


    Rogue: Possible if extrodinary


    Warlock: CLOSED

    Warrior: CLOSED


    for any questions contact me in game on Berìct or Hardline
    shaman spot filled looking for Exceptional DPS Death Knight to fill last spot of our cataclysm raid roster

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