Troll Druid Colors

So just out of curiosity does anyone know what the color of your cat/bear form is based on? My troll has pink hair and ended up as a white body, blue haired cat/bear...doesn't seem right to me =/
It's based on the hair, I'm pretty sure. I changed the hair color on my troll to orangeyellowsomething and the cat form was yellow haired, and it was blue when the hairstyle was blue.
it's based on your hair colour. wish you could change your troll's skin colour though. i'm used to taurens and thought i'd be able to change the colour of my skin, but alas; i'm blue da-ba-de-da-ba-die.
hm i wonder how pink hair got thrown into the white/blue cat section :(
Here's a reference chart -
Here's a reference chart -

thanks for this, just what i needed :)
Welcome :)
I love the colors. I really wish the blue cat/bear from having pink hair was actually a pink cat/bear.
It's based on hair, but the line up doesn't make much sense. I'm a blue-white bear and cat, but have purple hair.
not that you guys havent found out. its tusks. tusks and hair color
They are troll definition they don't make sense...
it's based on hair, someone already linked the chart. I'm just glad the kitty worked out with my hair color because when I picked up engi I decided to try to make my character look as much like Doc Brown as possible.

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