The Future LFM 10 man Cataclysm

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
The Future LF2M for Cataclysm10 man
Needing 2 multi-spected Player Druid/Dk/Hunter/Mage.
We are looking for Reliable attendance player with skill and motivation to progress without exhaustion.
Our raid times are going to be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday 11:30 pm ST-2:30 am ST.
Preparing a 2 man backup (raid rotation setup).
We raid not only for loot prior to the content and Fun.
This is why we need talented player with no bad attitude.
Vent is required and will be in English only. (unlimited Nation’s present)
DBM/Omen addons required, please post a raid frame screen shot.
Apply to if you are a candidate of the above named requirments .
If any Question’s please feel free to contact in game.
Dotrix, Ghrom, Meatmalet
Ty for your interest in opening this post
Correction of Raid days

Wednesday,Thursday,Monday 11:30-2:30 ST
Weekend Alt-Runs

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