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I am currently looking for a good RP server to start up an alt on when i'm not raiding on my main. I was just wondering about a few things before i start leveling one here on ravenholdt.

1: How is the RP here on Ravenholdt? Is it more common on horde or alliance and what is the quality of it? (I am personally looking to role a horde toon and leaning towards an undead mage.)

2: How is the pvp? World and Battleground.
1) The RP here is good, at least on Alliance side. I can't speak for the quality of Horde because I've RP'd over there all of twice. But what I found was decent. Do not roll as horde. Don't. I hate to sound like a jerk, but you aren't wanted. And I'm sure more than one person will come along to tell you the same.

2) The server is excessively skewed toward Horde. There's ... well... hordes of 'em. Even running around in a contested zone leveling is a crapshoot because at any time there's probably twice as many horde there as Alliance.

And Honor Hold gets camped.

A lot.
the reason i am leaning more towards horde is because all of my 80's currently are alliance and i am looking to change it up a bit
While we're happy that you're interested in RP here, Slaye is correct in terms of the server's faction balance. It's in the favor of the Horde and so we do our best to encourage Alliance transfers here and to perhaps point possible Horde transfers in a different direction. Perhaps you would consider rolling an Alliance on Ravenholdt come Cataclysm - you could experience the Worgen quests here, which would be a bit of a change from what you're accustomed to. As for the RP, it's definitely present on the Alliance and we make use of an in-game RP channel (to OOCly gather, advertise events, and talk about lore). There's also the server's RP website (ravenholdt.us) that helps to promote the RP community here. I also hear that there are several ideas for Worgen RP guilds floating around.

Hope that answers your questions and best of luck in finding a server that meets your needs!
Far as worldpvp, it's my mission to see the mythical creature that this an ally when cata pops off, and then maybe attempt to kill it, fail, and probably be reduced to taunting it from a distance.

You no longer look into my eyes when we make lo... PvP.
As noted above, this server leans Horde. So if you are looking to transfer here, the community would appreciate it if you remained Alliance.

However if you are set on rolling Horde on an RP server for a change of pace, I would strongly suggest Silver Hand for your RP server. The horde there are more outnumbered there than the alliance are here, and would love the additional support.

However you go is up to you. Good luck on whatever you decide.

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