[BUG] Two bugs with Druid Bear Form Swipe

Bug Report
even befor this patch druid tanking sucked bad or one aoe went from no cd to the same as thunderstop for a warrior and to make it even worse we didn't get the added threat bonus that thunderstop has always had that being said it was broke befor this patch and I am at the point that why have a gd tank when blizz gives them all the the same hp and most of the time more threat then the tanks that being said I know not all the tanks are broken but none of them are grate tanks i don't care what class or race they are, my shamy can hold aggro better then any one of them 96% of the time and she cant que as a tank but saidly beter at it then the ones that can fix this blizz pls i love this game but it is pissing me off so bad i don't even have a 85 yet cuz my 2 things i love to do is tank or heal and if i have to heal every body the whole time we in a dungon cuz every one has a add on them its not fun and as tank just knowing your not doing your job well is sickning to say the least, I do know that shamys have some things that can alow them to tank in a omg thing thats cool but when i don't frostshock and still pull off tanks every time wtf lol thanks and i hope i don't make any one to mad but right now tanking and healing suck ass [code]

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