No Shave November Ends Tomorrow

Who will miss this glorious month? Who else has gone all the way?!
Don't forget about Decembeard!
I miss the rest of my face.
I have, but only little girls will shave it all off. I'm saving it for Manuary!
I must applaud those going farther than me, but my work and my woman suggest that I do not keep this facial hair. But I will say, the neckbeard is completely out of control and it's nice!
well with Fabuary coming up i want to look fabulous
I gotta full stach going here, and I dont think ill shave it off, I got attached to it.
Thank god that's over, my wife looked TERRIBLE.
My beard was mighty.

Alas, no more.
I have been sporting a pretty awesome stash soul patch combo, but the ends of the stash are getting annoying and curving into the sides of my lip. also any time I drink something I feel like I need to go wash my face after ;-P
Thank god that's over, my wife looked TERRIBLE.
I couldnt help but lol a this.

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