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Shattered Hand
So the shattering shattered your plans to go sightseeing the hills of Mulgore?

You wanted to take your loved one on a romantic evening under the twisting skies of Shattrath, but due to the mysterious disappearence of the portals in Dalaran you're now stuck with a gnome and two crooked elves in the sewers?

No longer a problem, just send me a tell and if I'm online and avaible I'll go to wherever you are and open any portal¹ you want, free of any charge².

There's still time to have a picnic in Silvermoon before Deathwing burninates it down!

¹ Portals are only avaible to capital cities of the Horde, plus Dalaran, Shattrath and Stonard.
² Tips are welcome, but not by any means necessary.

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