Best place to find an Iridescent Pearl?

I started a new character on the horde side, and the only thing holding me back from leveling my enchanting any more is this stinking pearl.

WoWHead had no information. It hasn't really been updated to reflect the shattering.

Thanks <3
The auction house is the best place to find one. Or ask in /trade.
AH / trade is the best source like Shalura mentioned. Otherwise, try farming murlocks / naga of that level as the pearls drop from clams.
"Of that level" - of what level??

They drop from Big-Mouth Clam and Thick-Shelled Clam. I've had mediocre luck finding them recently while farming the Big Mouth Clams from the strider giants just south of Gadgetzan for the Clamlette recipe. Water walking helps immensely.
THE hot spot for them is now out in BLASTED LANDS red reaches the new area where you have to be level 50-60 to get to them. Which means getting someone 20 levels higher than you need to be.
I understand i need the iridescent pearl to make my ruined golden rod and any of the naga or murloc that are low enough for me to get to don't drop them. all i keep getting is the small lustrous pearls off them. so after doing research the murlocs in the level 50-60 area of blasted lands is now the hot spot for iridescent pearl!!
Way to BLIZZ lets see what else we can screw up!!!
Dang I was hoping there was an easier way to get them can't find them in AH or trade and I don't wanna wait twenty lvls to get my enchanting past what it is
I am pretty sure you can level enchanting without using the pearls. Look to make the other enchants or something. Are you following a guide? If you ain't I strongly recommend wowprofessions - it gives you a step by step guide and alternatives to hard to find materials, etc.
Well as you can tell by lvl I just started a few days ago and was kinda winging it but thanks for the site suggestion
Why did we bump a year old thread to give bad information?

Iridescent Pearls drop reasonably often from Thick Shelled Clams which drop all the time in Blackfathom Deeps, or from nagas and murlocs along the coast of Ashenvale/Hillsbrad/Arathi. Easily accessible to low level toons.

However it is still usually faster to just buy one on the AH. You only need one (to make the Runed Golden Rod) to level Enchanting.

Never listen to anybody who thinks sentences should end in 3 !s.
Actually no you cannot level enchanting with out it since you need one pearl to make the runed golden rod witch allows you to make higher level enchants. Without the rod you can only make lower level enchants and if you can only make low level enchants you will never increase your points in enchanting.
Hayley, dear, there was no need to re-necro this old thread. Not only has the OP already resolved his issue, but Thrugg, in the post just above yours, pretty much said the same thing as you, back in December.
Well, there are lots of em in AH but in my server theh are asking 400g a piece so that doesn't work.... otherwise just farm level 30-40 murlocs
Ahem... why does blizzard make professions that will require high level items needed for
a low level item she needs to make , just makes no sense.

Have a great day!
11/29/2010 12:28 PMPosted by Shalura
The auction house is the best place to find one. Or ask in /trade.
^This. Well worth the gold, too.
have you priced the AH lately for an iridescent pearl it's outrageous.
necro x 5 ?
This thread is so old it must be mummified!!

Best I've found is the cave in the south of swamp of sorrows. Make the loop collecting clams off virtually everything there till you get as many as you need
I've been farming Alcaz Island in Dustwallow looking for the elusive Glorious armor set and most of the mobs there can drop the clams (and almost every time, too) that contain the Iridescent/Black/Golden pearls, I have stacks of all these in my bank at the moment. ><

Edit: downside to Alcaz is that there may be competition there, plus the mobs (Aside from the ones that don't drop clams) do have a bit of a respawn timer, so other places mentioned are probably better for that.
same with me only blacksmithing and i needed 2 auctionhouse only had 1

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