And with Cata.. more phishers!!!

Area 52

When we carry out a routine check when the account, we have evidence to show that your account has been involved in the disputed transactions.

So we have to inform you visit our website( ************** ) fill out some information to facilitate our investigation.

If you can not tie in with our soon we will have to temporarily lock your account.

Blizzard, Inc.
Copyright 2004-2010 Blizzard, Inc. All rights reserved.

The first of I'm sure many phishing emails, just posting so people know what to look for :)

Edit: This wasn't even sent to my email address :P
They have really gotten bad here of late. I used to never get these emails, and now it seems like i get at least 1 per day for the last 3 months.
Yeah, I know it really sucks when people fall for things like this (Although it is partially their own fault for not knowing better) so i just want to try and help out to make sure everybody is safe.
I get emails at least once a week from my wife and daughter freaking out thinking their accounts are about to be locked, and i just laugh and tell them to forward them on to Blizzards email address.
I think blizzard should find/capture these phishers/hackers and put them on display at blizzcon. Then at the end of blizzcon have a set location time and date that they are going to be set "Free". I bet they would never do it again after that :D

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