HP Revamp

I suggest a somewhat functionally different change in holy power.

HP would operate not as a three-point "combo" system, but rather as a meter that should be filled. Instead of its current form where a finisher is boosted by the amount of HP expended, instead HP is generated by holy damage abilities, and produces additional holy dmaage on non-Holy abilities invoked by the paladin, or as buffs to particular healing abilities, depending on the full charge of HP.

HP is not expended. Whenever an ability procs HP (which would no longer be guaranteed by CS or anything else) that HP produces has a 5sec duration, then is lost. Various abilities producing HP (Exo, HoW, HW, Censure, Vengeance, EfaE, HS, etc.) can stack the HP, resetting the previous duration. All HP improves the holy damage component of a given spell by 2% (up to a maximum of 20%), and adds 2% additional holy damage to physical strikes and attacks (autoswings, CS, DS, HotR, SotR, etc.) which would lack holy damage components normally. Thus, HP "infuses" the attack with holy power. This matters now less to Holy than it does to Prot and Ret, but holy effectiveness for Holy will incrase by boosting the effectiveness of a healing spell (holy school) by the requisite amount.

Capping the HP pool offers a 10sec buff that when it is expended (it cannot be refreshed) immediately begins to decay the HP pool at twice the rate, forcing the paladin to work back up to full from nearly zero. This provides an ability rotation to force HP development, then use. Said buff will increase all physical damage, holy damage, and holy healing by an additional 5%.

Divine Please in all specs and Zealotry in Retribution will continue to function as normal, producing an immediate 3 charges of HP, but this time they increase the full meter instead of potentially wasting HP due to circumstantial loss of HP during some events (Blood Queen or Onyxia's fear, for examples).

Such an HP system differentiates Holy Power as a resource from that of combo points, or focus, or energy, but comparable to rage. Despite this, it is not required but merely a method to maintain a buff system. All abilities will have a single baseline damage that is normalized arounf 5 or so HP, and scales up if you are able to maintain or invoke higher stacks of HP, with an OP component only at 8-10 HP. It won't go to eleven, unless you make abilities that allow it to do so (e.g., "as though you had additional HP").
so ShoR would go back to a cooldown and we'd be back to using abilities on cooldown?

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