Interrupt/CC in kitty form

Does kitty form have any interrupts? I am aware that one could always go to bear form and use skull bash/bash OR go to caster form for cyclone. But I find it hard to interrupt hasted 1 second casts as it is. I would find it impossible to shapeshift, wait for GCD, and then interrupt in time.

Also, similar question about CC. Do kitties have any CC other than pounce (requires stealth) or maim (requires combo points)?
A note about Predator's Swiftness and the Glyph of Entangling Roots; the latter will consume the former so be careful.

Cat Form gaining Skull Bash is going to be the game-changer on the PvP scene for Ferals. We have always brought rather strong damage but lacked any form of control. Couple this interrupt with the fact that we can actually use Maim in PvP now that SR is no longer a mandatory finisher with 100% up-time and one should find themselves feeling MUCH more in control of healers.

I feel ALMOST as strong as my rogue. There are a few things to work out and we will definitely have to wait for Cataclysm to live-ship, but I feel like we will be better off in Cata.
Awesome.. thanks for the information!!

Glyph of entangling roots consuming predator's swiftness proc sounds like a bug.
I just started PvPing again as feral.... and found out that I forgot to bind Ravage, and that I had screwed up my Skull Bash macro :(

It's so annoying getting into a stalemate with a ret pally, when you *know* that you should have been able to dispatch him several times over :(
I'm not sure if it's a bug, but using a PS procced Healing Touch right when OoC procs is really annoying.
While it is great we finally have a kitty interrupt I feel the cost is higher than it should be. 1/4 of your energy bars seems might steep IMO.

10 or 15 energy is a lot more reasonable.

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