Purple Lotus! - Where is it?

Has anyone been able to find purple lotus since 4.0.3? I am leveling alchemy once again and I am unable to locate this herb where I once could find it. I've checked the Hinterlands, Tanaris, and Badlands (I recall a few nodes around Ulduman entrance). I plan on checking Azshara because I know it used to be there but I am not holding much hope since I know that zone has experience extensive changes. If anyone knows where to get some it would be much appreciated.
I was wondering the same thing. I've got 1 in the bank and need to get more.
Traditionally it grows around troll ruins no matter what level zone you're in. From what I remember Feralas always has a good number.
Azshara's zone level has dropped by around 30... it's highly unlikely to have Purple Lotus, though I suppose it's be possible in the highest-level parts of it.

As mentioned above, it grows in and around ruins (not necessarily Troll ruins, though). If I remember correctly the level range used to be around 25-45.
I have searched all of the normal area's I can think of and have not found a single purple lotus. It is not even in the area of the new ZG. I have looked in just about every instance and every zone, and found Nothing. If anyone have found any since 4.0.3 please let us know what zone or instance you have found it in. We have no problems finding the exact spots. This is driving me nuts.

Thank you for your help.
I had four drop for me this morning from lashers during a Maraudon run. Nowhere near farmable but if your desperate...
i have got 5 of them on me today without knowing it!
as for today i have ventured to E. Plaguelands and Felwood for herbs.
hope it helps
p.s. and Feralas for a short session, too
Yes they only grow around old ruins, never found them around anything else.

Purple lotus is much more rare these days. It's gone from Tanaris & Azshara it seems. I'll check out Felwood today.
It makes sense that it went from Azshara since the level range dropped so dramatically. I am surprised it is gone from Tanaris though, that really didn't change much at all. Unintended, I would have thought.
I've been everywhere it usually grows and haven't found any at all. Hinterlands, Tanaris, STV, ZG, ZF... nothing. I'll try Feralas & Felwood as suggested. Any other info is greatly appreciated =)
Get these occasionally from scum covered bags that drop on the larva mobs in EPL.
Any1 had luck findin these in Felwood?
Got a few stacks in Felwood. It grows like weeds in the area where the satyrs and bears are fighting for sure.
Great! Thanks Inqubus ^^
Felwood indeed and you can farm them from the lashers in Un'Goro too.
no luck in Feralas or ungoro, heading over to felwood now. even did diremaul runs in all sections.......that thing has become elusive

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