Linore Erona, Slidfen, and Kraes

Moon Guard
I saw these three in the courtyard, by the fountain in SMC and my mind was blown to smithereens.. How did they get there and more importantly WHY are they there? I know all three of them are from Moon Guard and I have actually RP'd with Linore on my pally. Anyone care to explain on this?
Blizz is awesome, and clearly respects those who capture the spirit of their story. Or they knew someone.

I saw an elf in Grommash Hold with the same surname as my oldest character too. Brightblade. <Nods>

Kinda hoping to leave such an impression on Kali to get a Kaliata NPC.
Bump.. This is going to drive me nuts until I get a good answer.
...You didn't read the Roleplayer's Lament thing, did you?

It's not an honoring thing at all.
...You didn't read the Roleplayer's Lament thing, did you?

It's not an honoring thing at all.

Except that Kraes is likely a joke RSP, and it's generally accepted that the other two are good.
...You didn't read the Roleplayer's Lament thing, did you?

It's not an honoring thing at all.

From what I've heard, one of the characters was terrible, while the other two were actually considered pretty good. To my knowledge, anyway - never knew any of them myself.
BDSM is ok but whisper me first.
Ahahah gold
I'll admit. I lawl'd.
As far as Lan and I know, someone involved works at Blizzard, and they got asked if they wanted someone in-game. For whatever reason, Kraes's player selected Kraes.

It was, in fact, a gag RSP - the guy that wrote it stopped by the site and said so; apparently he's a fan.

Hope that clears things up to an extent.
Zenthara waves to all who've commented on the post.

Although this thread is quite old, I'm hoping someone (or you guys who've already commented on this) will see my little explanation I'll have here in a bit.

I recently just learned myself, and although I don't know who the other two are (Linore Erona and Slidfen), I do know who Kraes is... or so I think I know.

Zen smiles awkwardly.

I was told that Blizzard put Kraes in after they realized how awesome of a roleplayer he was. He roleplayed as Kael'thas Sunstrider's nephew. With Kael'thas being gone (if you aren't a lore-breaking like I am at times), he regained Kael'thas's crown and crowned himself as the Prince of SIlvermoon City.

I won't lie, as my character, a blood elf priest named Iiana Sunstrider, grew (and still is growing) I took the name Sunstrider after learning Kael'thas' lore. I had Iiana regain the crown before I even knew about Kraes.
So! It gives me hope that, since I am already pretty head-over-heels for Iiana, and I love the story that I've made for her, I may just get my very own spot one day as "Iiana of Eversong <Self-Proclaimed Princess>" :D

Honestly, when I first started Iiana, it felt a bit like god-modding to have that character's history. I'm very surprised, as I haven't had anyone tell me I was bad for choosing that lore to put Iiana in. People who roleplay in Silvermoon even recognize me as "Queen" or "Princess Iiana". It makes me feel pretty awesome and a lot more confident.

If you'd like to come roleplay, I'm on Emerald Dream. I use an addon called Total Roleplay 2, and if you use that, you can see on any character of mine the "Alts: <name> <name> <name>" part in the OOC section of it. I'm always open to walk-ups! :D

Enjoy your time at WoW, and may the Sunwell guide us all.
Yeah, Slidfen and Linore were part of Dawning Vigil. They happened to be really cool people, and I do believe Linore was an art designer for WoW. Kraes was an alt of our guild leader (if I remember correctly), and he enjoyed getting people up in a tizzy.

The profile was completely joking and meant to be taken as a farce, poking and prodding at those sorts of people.

It, ultimately, was a designer getting permission to make a few characters permanent fixtures to Silvermoon, even in a place where they often hung out.

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