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Can someone please confirm if every spec will have a matching set in their 85 gear?

What I mean is matching boot and belts for example on a retribution and holy paladin?

This was possible at 70, stopped being possible at 80, and I am really hoping it comes back at 85...
Ya I'm definitely with you on this one, I really have no idea why they rets and dks had to wear stuff that didn't match. (I'm sure plenty of other classes did too.) Granted this isn't a big deal, but I also think it would take very little effort to fix.

Was there some reason they did this? It just seems pointless.
Because warriors are the best class so all plate offsets should match our set.

Looking at the list of belts available and viewing the models in 3D (open the page for the item and click 'View in 3D' at the top right):

And cross-referencing from the PvP gear looks here:

Int / Spirit = Paladin
Int / Crit = Paladin

Str / Crit = Death Knight

Str / Mastery = Warrior

Int / Haste = Something else
Int / Mastery = Same as above

Str / Haste = Another something else
Str / Hit = Same as above
Str / Expertise = Same as above

The last 5 have two different looks, and don't seem to match any of the three plate sets.

Similar things with cloth sets:

Int / Hit = Warlock
Int / Crit = Mage
Int / Spirit = Priest
Int / Haste = Generic
Int / Mastery = Generic

And presumably with the other two.

Edit: Come to think of it, the ones that have generic appearances, also share the exact same name, so perhaps they aren't finished putting those ones together, yet.
haha what gives
ceralium is that u

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