I'm a lvl 53 shadow priest why cant I dps

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Need help First time playing a priest and I love healing so I went Holy second talent I chose Shadow But WTF i'm alwais last on the dps metter(recount addon)
my rotation SWP/VP/MF/devoureSomething/SWD
I'm tired of being last DPS what am i douing wrong HHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP
Posting on your shadow priest would let us see any gear/talent/glyph issues that could be holding you back.

And DPS doesn't matter until you start raiding, so don't even bother enabling Recount until then.
My Shadow priest at end-game favors a Vampiric Touch > SW:Pain > Mind Blast > Devouring Plague > Mind Flay to set up on a single target fight. (Sometimes the order in which I toss DoTs varies, depending on the situation. I often forgo VT and/or DP if it's just a quick fight, for instance.) Then I rotate between Mind Flay and Mind Blast, refreshing VT and DP when they are about to drop off. I personally am not in the habit of using SW:Death, though I perhaps should be? (shrug)

Remember that much of Shadow priest relies on DoTs, so it takes longer for our damage to occur than other classes; in a short fight, we're not going to appear to be as effective as some other classes are.

Also, as mentioned, DPS doesn't really matter until endgame. So long as you're contributing the best you can and things die, don't get too worked up about it. At level 53, your class won't be completely developed. You might need some more talents and abilities to really shine!
I don't even know what AoE abilities Shadow has or doesn't have at 53, but if others are spamming their own AoE abilities their DPS on the meters will go up. My tank did the highest DPS of the group when levelling for this reason. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're better players than you, though if you post on your Shadow priest we can maybe give you some tips.
not sure on your rotation.

I usually Vampire Embrace/touch whatever it is called, SW:Pain, SW: Death, Mind blast and mind flay as a filler when I'm not refreshing DoTs or MB/SW:D are on CD. I save devouring plague for bosses because in my experience most mobs don't live long enough for it to tick and be worth the mana to cast.

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