Holy cow.. I need advice.

OK, so I played WoW for a very short while back when it first came out, and finally came back and found that I'm really enjoying the game. I tend to be the type that want's to solo most of the game. I found that a Holy Paladin is really easy and fun to solo with. I use a 2 handed weapon and just take stuff down as quickly as possible.

Anyway I finally got tired of not having any blue gear and I thought maybe I should give the dungeon finder a chance...

WOW.. What a load of stress and confusion on my part. I don't understand the game enough to know if I should click DPS, Tank, Healer, etc.. The dungeon was very hectic so I'm glad I didn't pick healer. There's no way I could do that job. I picked Tank, because I figured I could get hit a lot, and still help out with damage.

Turns out this was a huge mistake. The team was 3 dps, me as the tank, and a priest to heal. Thank god everybody was very nice and didn't get mad at me for being such a noob. We actually got through the entire thing. But I know I didn't pull my weight AT ALL.

So where am I going wrong here? If I'm going to spec Holy and not heal, is there no room for me with the dungeon finder? Or should I have picked DPS?

Should I maybe respec and go Protection instead, and ditch the 2 handed weapon? Then pick tank again and try to do my job better?

I'm just really confused on this class all of a sudden... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Soloing so far with it. I even tried out some PVP and did really well in my teens. But is the Holy spec only for PVP and Soloing?

ANY advice will seriously help me out a lot. I'm just really confused on what I should be doing if I'm going to jump into the dungeon finder. I don't want to be selfish and ruin the fun for the other 4 players. Do I stick with my guns and click dps next time? Or do I need to go Prot if I'm going to group with other people? Heck, ANYTHING you guys/gals can tell me is going to help here.

Thanks a lot in advance for any replies to this. I know it's a long and annoying read. So really, thank you to anybody that does read this and reply.
So if I'm not going to heal, I need to respec. End of story it seems.

So if I spec Ret, then I'll be able to just select DPS in the dungeon finder? Or are Paladins just not cut out for DPS at this point in time. I know I've read a lot of people complaining about Ret right now with palys.. I also don't know how well it'll work while leveling.

Damn, I was really enjoying soloing with Holy too. But I honestly don't think I can do what healers do in a dungeon like that. I respect the heck out of you healers. That seriously looks like a lot of work, and a clear cut understanding of everything going on around you.
You don't need to be specced holy to solo stuff, you will still have access to the majority of your healing spells as any other spec, and you will do more damage as prot or ret (slightly more damage done and much less damage taken as prot, much more damage done, so stuff dies faster and can do less damage to you as ret).

I would recommend speccing ret, it would probably make soloing stuff easier, because things will die much faster. And you will be able to do very good dps in groups while you're leveling, just don't try to tank or heal as ret, stick to the roles explained a couple posts above.

Also, don't really worry about the ret complaints. They are mostly about high-end raiding and most of them will probably be resolved at 85 by the time you get there.
Read ALOT of these forums. Some of these people make sense. I like soloing in prot better than I did in Holy, but dual spec'd just cause. Honestly, leveling, it's pretty easy to carry anyone through, I've healed 3 dps when we lost a tank right through the last boss in an instance. Just have fun.
Thanks for all the feedback everybody. I went with Prot and it made ALL the difference in the world with the next few Dungeon Finder deals that I did. Nobody ever once told me I was doing a bad job or yelled at me. I didn't feel stressed about doing my part at all. Now I can just keep learning and get better!

Seriously, I can't thank you all enough. I know it seems like something I should have picked up on my own, but these things manage to slip by me, and I get overwhelmed VERY easy. So that one PUG could have made me scared to ever group again. I seriously felt so dumb and useless...

Now I'm finding my only real worry is leveling too fast and missing out on quests. Though THAT is why we have alts right? ;)

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